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Our protest must move
Lone Vet Report

January 14, 2007, 6:15 PM

I have stopped my protest outside Gordon Smith's office, I demanded he come out and say something about the war in Iraq and he has done that a few weeks ago. I do not trust the man but he did use strong language and that is enough for me to stop my brunch with the Gorgon.

I will visit his office as part of other actions and will risk arrest trying to get him to stop the funding of the occupation of Iraq. I will also start a new vigil in front of Sen. Wyden's office on 3rd Ave, in Portland. I believe that Smith is now irrelevant and the Dems must act now. I want the Dems to start the investigations but go much further than they wish to travel.

In the spirit of Dr. King let us not talk about Impeachment--let us talk about the four (I's)


As surely as Dahmer, Casey, and McVey were allowed the right to a fair trial---the pretender in the White House must also be given his time in the well of justice. We knew these other men committed terrible acts, we knew in that place of truth deep in our souls that they must answer for their horrible crimes, and so must Bush, Cheney, Rice and others answer to the world for their acts of terror. They must stand before the God of peace and defend the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent souls who now watch for justice from above. It is time.

It is time for all Americans who know this war is murder to pick their time, place, and be arrested for standing up for our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. (Creating a record.)

It is time for all who know, to do more and more each day, to stop this madness.

It is time to confront these NeoCons wherever they go. When you see them in church, ask them if they have asked for forgiveness. When you see them at a play or movie theaters tell them "ENOUGH." When you see them at a restaurant be rude, walk out and tell them why you choose to eat in a place of harmony and that their presence has caused you pain. Shun them for they are destroying everything that you hold dear and sacred. Silence is killing this nation and causing the rest of the world much pain. Wherever and whenever you see these NeoCons make a scene, do not be afraid, and be proud.

It is time.

May this madness be over soon.

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Thank you 16.Jan.2007 16:32

Jody Paulson

Silence IS killing this nation. Isn't it appearent that Bush has some kind of mental/substance abuse problem and he is surrounded by a cabal of murderers, war profiteers and criminals (think Abramoff, Kissinger, Negroponte)?

We are seriously being faced with getting suckered into a war with Iran. What are they planning to do with these aircraft carriers?  http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/US_military_seen_ready_for_Iran_0511.html

This would be our entry point into WWIII, by the way. The neo-cons have already started talking about it. Halliburton subsidiary KBR is building permanent detention centers here in the US. I'm not making this up. Do the research.

The media is turning a blind eye towards the systematic dismantling of our constitutional rights. If we as individuals do nothing, we as a nation are lost.

I know it's not easy to take a stand and make waves, sometimes the bad guys try to make an example out of the guy who sticks his neck out, but the time is NOW for every one of us to take some sort of action. Throughout history people have paid a heavy price to speak truth to power. There's no excuse for any of us not to do *something*. If we don't, we are bound to pay a far heavier price, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.


Lone Vet

Cheney, Rice and Bush are Blackmailing America

When I listen to the front guys for this war one thought is front and center, they are blackmailing us and the Congress. Bush says he is feeling good, has no second thoughts about his decisions---has no trouble sleeping at night. What he has said to us is give me what I want or take the blame for my failures. This escalation, the offering up of more targets, has no logical basis. It is a spoiled child being caught in a lie and lashing out at all of us.

For the first time I do feel for the members of Congress. This is going to be a very difficult decision of what to do with these monsters in the White House. Monster is a strong word, I think you earn the title after you have sacrificed more than five hundred thousand innocent women and children on the altar of power. Bush saying he is spreading freedom is so outrageous that it gives me a headache. The Dems seem to be in shock and are trying to figure out what to do to stop the madness, impeachment is on the back burner. Some will say there is not enough time to investigate, impeach and arrest this group of criminals. The dems must do it anyway or we will repeat this imperial adventure again and again. Ford did us no favor by pardoning Nixon, he just put the issue in our hands and we must act this time, even if it causes us much pain. The world will cheer us and stand by our side if we do hold all who have committed treason accountable.

All our efforts must be directed towards getting out of Iraq. We have done enough damage to that country, our troops need a rescue mission soon or they will not be able to defend themselves. Bush does not see that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is insanity. Anyone defending this gang of thugs should learn to read a chapter book and put down books about pet goats.

The blackmailing must stop:

In peace and hope,

Joe Walsh, Lone Vet, Portland, Or.


torture, lying-or-incompetence, putting no-bid public money in their own pockets 22.Jan.2007 19:11

investigate what?

Andrew Johnson was impeached without an investigation. The House can impeach somebody any way it wants to. The facts are on the table. They are not disputed. Unlike Nixon, this administration is proud of its own crimes. Impeachment is not something to plan for next year, it's something to do now, today.