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imperialism & war

Washington County Peace Vigil 1-17-07

photos of tonights gathering @ 5th and Hall in Beaverton
About 25 people assembled this evening to remind people that Chimpy's performance on 60 Minutes is just not acceptable.Continue to call your representatives and let them know to stop the funding and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.I leave you with this:

 link to www.aswataliraq.info

A South Oil Company official said they are getting ready to install meters at Basra oil terminal,
135 km southwest of Basra city, to measure the amount of exported.

He said installing these meters was delayed for three years because there was no company to
undertake the project due to the security situation. U.S. company Parsons accepted the project.

Media director Sallam al-Maksousi said, "Installing these meters would put an end for the
groundless accusations against South Oil Company of involvement in oil smuggling,"

so if the company is not stealing 18.Jan.2007 04:52

the oil from the pipeline

who is? I wonder how often it's been emptying into Halliburton trucks

Call your reps AND.... 18.Jan.2007 07:44

RhondaB. sweet_earth_lover@hotmail.com

Consider visiting them in person!!!

There is a campaign wherein daily visits will be made to Senator Smith's office. Your presence would be most welcome.

FMI contact 503.327.8250.