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Unmasking New Orleans: A Home-Grown Multimedia Experience ** A Benefit Fundraiser

*Art*Films*Live Music*Spirits*Community*Solidarity*
When: Saturday, March 10th, 2007 - 7pm (presentation @ 8pm)
Where: Audiocinema - 226 SE Madison St. (underneath the Hawthorne Bridge)
Tickets: $20 each/$10 at door for Students with Student ID; Tickets Available Online at www.fromthebottomsup.org; To request a scholarship ticket email  nikkithanos@fastmail.fm or call 503-367-0155
From the Bottoms Up invites you to experience the environmental story that is Hurricane Katrina through the voices, images, and multimedia presentation in the culminating installment of this fundraising and awareness project.

Speakers: The Alliance for Affordable Energy's Sustainable Rebuild Coordinator Forrest Bradley-Wright offers the vision Portland is helping to achieve in rebuilding New Orleans sustainably.

Live Music: Could you ask for more? Mary Flowers, Reggie Houston and Special Guests!

Short Films: In a room dedicated to independent short films, New Orleans filmmakers will break through the walls of corporate media and communicate directly experiences that the main media channels aren't telling you.

Voice and Vision Auction: Over 80 pieces from New Orleans and Portland artists comprise our arts exhibition, producing a visual commentary on the environmental story that was revealed by Katrina. The artwork will be placed for sale in our silent auction to benefit the Alliance for Affordable Energy.

Audio/Video Installation: Taking you to the front line of sustainability, our multimedia environment will offer a unique experience of sound, moving image, and constructed space to tell New Orleans' ongoing story of the issues that shaped Katrina's tragedy and the vision for a reconstituted home and city.

Spoken Word: New Orleans' spoken word artist Moose R. Jackson will release his album, "Illusion Fields", a compilation of performed poetry recorded with 13 different New Orleans bands. Performing live, Moose's words will provide verse to the human impact of the storm.

Help us reach our goal of $15,000! Support Sustainable Rebuilding Efforts in New Orleans!

The Alliance for Affordable Energy is a 20-year environmental organization in New Orleans who has the necessary experience and ties to the local community, elected officials, and national experts to lead the region's sustainable redevelopment effort.

This From the Bottoms Up event is sponsored by Abode Productions, Roots Brewery, The Rebuilding Center, The Office Of Mayor Tom Potter, MercyCorps, Meyer Memorial Trust, henry V, and others. Questions? Contact Erika Alabarca - 503-888-5468.

homepage: homepage: http://www.fromthebottomsup.org