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U.S. Military's New Plan For Iraq

The U.S. miltary attempted this during the Vietnam War and it was a major
In another act of desperation and panic, Bush and his generals have come up with a new strategy in an attempt to control the Iraqi guerrilla
resistance. The plan is to start with Baghdad by dividing the entire city into "gated communities" or sealed areas, which will allow U.S. forces
to divide and rule. It failed in Vietnam and it will fail in Iraq.

The U.S. military, in a futile attempt to stop an ever-growing and determined guerrilla resistance against the American occupation, will divide
the 89 official districts of Baghdad into 30 sealed areas, sealing off areas with barricades, and only Iraqi's with U.S. issued ID cards will be
allowed access to their "gated communities."

This method has been used in the past and it has failed time after time. The French tried it in Algiers, the U.S. in Vietnam, the U.K. in the
Middle East and Ireland and by Israel against the Palestinians.
The use of this program by the U.S. is a clear sign of U.S. desperation as they attempt to defeat the Iraqi resistance and stop the wholesale
killing of U.S. troops and mercenaries.
This ambition by the U.S. to pacify Baghdad has far wider military implications. In addition the U.S. troop surge in Baghdad, the U.S. will be
stationing five brigades between Baghdad and the Iranian border. These troops will be used when the U.S. finally decides to start a war with

This military operation is the brainstorm of General David Petraeus. This briefing was attended top army and marine brass, as well as top
officers from the Israeli military, to discuss the current situation and devise ways to turn the disastrous and lost war in Iraq around.
Petraeus was inspired by a program developed by Army Colonel McMaster when U.S. troops attempted to seal off Tal Afar, which failed
miserably, as the Iraqi guerrillas drove the Americans out, yet Petraeus insists that the program was a brilliant success.

This U.S. plan will focus on totally securing Baghdad, forcing civilians to live in a controlled population prison. The emphasis will be on securing
all public markets in Baghdad, and all Sunni and Shiite districts. The U.S. will use fortified buildings in several districts, where U.S. forces
and the "Iraqi Army" will clear all Iraqi's from the streets as they are being partioned off. All males the U.S. considers to be of military age will be
arrested, and other Iraqi's will be issued U.S. ID cards. Only the residents of the "gated communities" will be allowed in, and which will be
patrolled regularly by U.S. troops. The U.S. military, in what it likes to call a "secure environment", will enforce several pass systems, visitor
registrations, as well as restricting all civilian movement outside of each sealed off area.
Ironically, the civilians the U.S. will attempt to control, will be the resistance guerrillas who will be given U.S. ID cards, and who are living in these
gated communities, which will allow them to wage an effective war against the American occupiers.

Petraeus and other senior U.S. generals are advocating using this system all across Iraq, claiming that these gated communities will unite all
Iraqi's in a spirit of mutual cooperation while the U.S. provides humanitarian aid through its corporate reconstruction operations.
The U.S. will increase its use of helicopters to control each sealed off area, which will have landing pads, and which will make it much easier
for the resistance guerrillas to shoot them down as the helicopters come in to the bases. The gated communities will make it easier for the
guerrillas to destroy the U.S. bases in each sector and to kill the U.S. troops patrolling them.

Fatal flaw 16.Apr.2007 10:25


It seems the warlike among us suffer from a tendancy to redouble efforts when a strategy fails to work, rather than trying a different strategy. They also seem to confuse tactics for strategy.