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Volunteers needed to stop Tigard Wal-Mart

Are you a Tigard resident concerned about big-box stores and the super-traffic, crime & pollution that follows? We now have a chance to make difference! Volunteers are needed to help creat Tigard's "2027" Plan, a vision for the future of our city. Join a committee and demand zoning changes that will stop more big-box stores like Wal-Mart--only 2 month commitment required!

Tired of Sitting in Tigard Traffic?

We all know that Highway 99 is a traffic nightmare - and more big-box stores will make the situation worse. We now have a chance to make difference:

Volunteers are being recruited to participate in the City of Tigard Comprehensive Plan Update process. Please join and demand zoning changes that will
stop more big-box stores like Wal-Mart from coming to Tigard

How to Get Involved!

The next step in the Comprehensive Plan process is to receive input and direction from Tigard's citizens. Policy Interest Teams are now being organized through the City of Tigard, where Tigard residents will help create goals, policies and action measures to drive the Tigard 2027 Plan.

We're asking our supporters to join teams to help raise the issue of traffic and discuss potential land use changes that will alleviate congestion. The current opportunity requires just a two month commitment.

While many teams are being formed, the following are the best opportunity to advocate rezoning the Tigard Triangle to mixed use development:

1) Land Use / Urbanization

2) Transportation

3) Environmental Quality

4) Natural Resources

5) Public Facilities

Sign up for a Policy Interest Team by contacting Darren Wyss at 503-718-2442 or by email at www.tigard2027@tigard-or.gov.

Together we can stop more big-development and the super-traffic that follows.

Please email Tigard First to let us know which team you've joined: tigardfirst@yahoo.com.

homepage: homepage: http://www.tigardfirst.com