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Stop a Wal-Mart Supercenter and its Super Traffic Before it Comes to Town!

The City of Tigard is in desperate need of your opinion. The city is revising it comprhensive plan - the blueprint for all future development in Tigard. The next step in the Comprehensive Plan process is to receive input and direction from Tigard's citizens.
Policy Interest Teams are now being organized through the City of Tigard, where Tigard residents will help create goals, policies and action measures to drive the Tigard 2027 Plan.

We're asking all interested parties to join teams to help raise the issue of traffic and discuss potential land use changes that will alleviate congestion. The current opportunity requires just a two month commitment.

While many teams are being formed, the following are the best opportunity to advocate rezoning the Tigard Triangle to mixed use development:

1) Land Use / Urbanization
2) Transportation
3) Environmental Quality
4) Natural Resources
5) Public Facilities

*How to Join*

To join a Policy Interest Team call Darren Wyss at 503-718-2442 or email him at  darren@tigard-or.gov.

Then let us know which team you joined by email:  tigardfirst@yahoo.com

For more information regarding Tigard's traffic mess and the current zoning which creates it please visit www.tigardfirst.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.tigardfirst.com

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