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Save Sea Lions Demo in Portland, Today@3:30pm

The Portland Animal Defense League(Pdx-A.D.L.) & The Sea Lion Protection Collective organize a demo/rally/protest in Portland, Oregon at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Office located at 911 N.E. 11th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97232. The group is concerned about the proposed Killing of Sea Lions by the Government. Killing protected Sea Lions will not save the salmon. Stopping excessive fishing, removing dams, and better policies will.
.PDF Flyer
.PDF Flyer
April 23rd, 2008

The Portland Animal Defense League (PDX-ADL)/ The Sea Lion Protection Collective


Educational, Informational, -Demonstration Against The Slaughter of Sea Lions

April 23rd, 2008
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office
911 NE 11th Ave Portland, OR 97232

For Immediate Release:

Today, the PDX Grassroots Animal Liberation Organization: The Portland Animal Defense League (PDX-ADL), announces demonstrations against the proposed killing of Sea Lions by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The planned killing of Sea Lions by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is simply a bad policy that most Portlanders oppose.

Record levels of over-predation by human fishing, combined with the impact of dams have reduced the Wild Salmon's numbers to a fraction of their historical populations.

Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to "avenge" the remaining populations of Salmon by Slaughtering Sea Lions.

This is simply an emotional, political, irrational, and totally ineffective response to a very serious ecological issue.

Over fifty percent of Salmon runs are destroyed by dams. Add to that the recent increase of allowable fish kill quotas from nine percent to twelve percent, and we must face the fact that humans are to blame for this issue, not the Native Sea Lions, that consume a meager four percent of the run.

Officials have floated a plan to the press stating the option of Capturing Sea Lions and Holding them until "Homes" can be found for them. We know this to be a trick to placate the public into a false sense of comfort. A Seattle Zoo recently "adopted" a couple of Sea Lions and later euthanized them. Locally, Oregon Zoo Director Tony Vecchio is Backing the Slaughter and has Opposed "Adopting" any Sea Lions.

The Sea Lions will be slaughtered as quickly as possible, as far away from the public eye as possible. They will be shot on land, or in the water—where they stand a very high chance of being injured and dying slowly over the course of several days.

The Native Sea Lions, who have Inhabited the Columbia River and Successfully Co-Habited with the Salmon for thousands of years, are a Precious Part of the Natural Resources of the Area.

They Deserve to Live and Flourish in the Wild as they always have.

They Do Not Deserve to be Injured, Slaughtered, or Tortured to Serve a Misplaced Sense of Vengeance—or in a Misguided Effort which won't actually save Salmon.

PDX-ADL will Organize, Attend, and Present an Educational, Informational, Demonstration Against this scheduled Slaughter: on Wednesday, April 23rd at 3:30 PM outside of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office located at 911 NE 11th Ave., Portland, OR 97232.

We urge Environmental, Animal-friendly, and Eco-Conscious Portlanders to join us.

The Portland Animal Defense League is a Nonprofit, Grassroots Animal Liberation Organization, Dedicated to Exposing Animal Abuse in All of Its Forms. Our Goal is to Compel Others to Evaluate the Mistreatment of Animals, and be Persuaded to Eliminate Animal Exploitation.
 http://www.pdxanimaldefense.org/ ###

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxanimaldefense.org

pdf not working try this one. 23.Apr.2008 01:58


Try this .pdf of the flyer.
Flyer in pdf format-Save Sea Lions
Flyer in pdf format-Save Sea Lions

Just a point of clarification 23.Apr.2008 09:55


Thanks so much for doing this again. You guys are rocking. I'll try to be there this afternoon. I just want to make one point of clarification, though, just to be clear. The agency that is responsible for the targeting of sea lions for "lethal removal" from the river is the National Marine Fisheries Services, which is part of NOAA. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is also to blame, as they and the fish and wildlife depts from Washington and Idaho originally sought permission to do this, and are currently pursuing this option through the courts. But they are not the same thing as the US fish and wildlife service.

(But, as was explained to me the last time yall held a demo there, the fact that Bonneville Power Administration is in that building, and the fact that NOAA is right around the corner, makes that an excellent spot for a demo. I urge anyone who cares to be there.)(It's just important to be clear about who is actually to blame for this....)