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Ex Nihilo: A Few Words From Those Who Have Heard The Call

Ex Nihilo: A Few Words From Those Who Have Heard The Call

(Being A Regurgitation And Temporalization)


What once hypnotized have now become un-affordable luxuries. When someone can barely afford to drive to work, they cannot afford cable television. When driving long commutes becomes economically impossible, people will move out of the soon-to-collapse rural cluster developments. Or, by that point, they will have been kicked out. More and more people are faced with a common reality in the USA, a common reality that is bleak and increasingly free of illusion.

But our once radiant and glowing mono-culture has trained many people into finding their niche, their group, their 'identity'. Now that the wallets are growing lighter and the daily drudgery more unbearable, these security blankets are becoming tattered and worn. They appear as they are: cheap masks dispensed by those at the top of the pyramid. These 'identities' have been manufactured for consumption and will die once no one CHOOSES to buy them. Or at least cannot afford to buy them.


The wars of the USA were hidden. The wars of the anarchists against the capitalists which took place from the late 19th to the early 20th century all across the country have been blacked out by those who write and dispense 'history'. The war of genocide against the native population is veiled under the blood red American flag. The militants who were exterminated in the 70's are non-understood images seen once on a screen and never explained. The militants who escaped were reabsorbed into society. The last time the upper classes fought themselves (by having other people die for them) in this country was nearly 150 years ago. This country has been dispensing a relatively stable comfort for those who bought into its system since the end of WWII. It has dispensed it consistently and adapted to all crises. Until now.

This comfort is vanishing. This comfort is a cork coming out of a champagne bottle. Soon it will all be gone. And when people reach for another drink, there will be nothing to distract them any longer. Capitalism ensured that its enchantments were affordable to everyone in order to generate a uniform non-reality, non-history and non-thinking: the mono-culture. These enchantments have worked miraculously for them. That is, once again, until now.


But what does a recently mind-controlled population do when its wide-screen gods die? When there is no more faith in the gadgets and garbage, all that is left is the grim reality stretching off into the distance. This reality is so bleak, overwhelming and powerful that it acts (by its very nature) as a unifying force. It connects worlds that were separate. The challenge, then, is to not unify around a dark negative but rather around a refusal of all dualities. A refusal of all that came from the minds in Hollywood and the Pentagon. A refusal of all that is dead. With this refusal must come an affirmation, an affirmation of affinity and of our abilities to make something out of nothing. Because that is where we all must start: from nothing.

We must not be solely reactive nor solely defensive. We must be solely nothing. Nothing at all. We must respond when it is best to respond and get high when it is possible to get high. Necessity should inform our defense and imagination inform our attack. If we still hold an 'identity' we should shed it. Our dying culture branded us with these hollow 'identities'. It is possible to have an identity. But it is yours and yours alone. Affinity is not identity.


In Kansas City, the Sand Liberation Front break the windows of an Obama campaign office. In Lawrence, a group of people throw bricks through a US Bank windows and ask for others to make similar deposits. In San Francisco, 10,000 people shut down the streets and walk off into the night. At the same time, those furious at the passage of a new fascist marriage law begin to lash out at the fundamentalist supporters of Proposition 8 by committing acts of vandalism. In Jonesboro, Arkansas, the energy which Obama has harnessed is unleashed against the police indiscriminately. Those wearing shirts with his face on them proceed to bloody the police.

Obama is a release valve. He is a pressure diffuser. His supporters have been tricked into confusing their own power with his. And in effect they feed him what is necessary for action. What is the next step in this situation? What fold exists for people to be brought into? We cannot draw people to a subculture. It is simply another 'identity'. There is only one way out of this Ouroboros-like fugue: to "shut the fuck up" and begin to build relationships with those around you from the ground up.


We begin, but we begin ex nihilo. That is, from nothing. If no one around us speaks Latin, we must not speak Latin if we wish to communicate with them. There is no other way to talk, to share, to grow. Our internal languages cannot ever become a universal language. If they ever did, they would be nothing better than the mono-culture. We will have many. And we have no choice in the matter.

To begin:

Find your friends, friends whom have all freed themselves. Combine your thoughts and imaginations. Locate the cracks. Hit the cracks. When others act, watch what they do. Determine if there is commonality. Amplify or alter their efforts. Wait. Talk to those in YOUR communities, find out what they are thinking, what they wish would happen, and encourage them to act on their desires. Continue talking with them. Continue to locate the cracks. Sometimes you might find that the cracks you saw have already been hit by others. Soon, these cracks will become holes. Vacant, empty holes. Nothing will ever fill these holes again. The tower is crumbling. And will soon be gone.

These are our words and ours alone. If you are one of the unfortunate, over-educated ones, you should write your own words. Those of you who choose to not write are lucky. You have nothing but your bare hands and fire to make art with.