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...... almost thousand people in the street, singin, songs and sayin hoorayyy for our side......
down with starbucks! free gaza!
down with starbucks! free gaza!
ok! so the number of people gathered were between six hundred and a thousand at pioneer square for the pro-gaza, pro-palestine march, demonstration and protest. There were men, women, and many children of lots of faiths (if not all, and the faithless), a predominent crowd with arabic ancestory, and many worldwide ethnicities represented, Chanting "free free palestine, long live palestine". At different points during the rally people chanted "down with starbucks" (there's a starbucks in pioneer square), the starbucks was practically empty. Along with starbucks people were encouraged (via a well thought out explanation through a bullhorn) to boycott home depot, the limited, victoria secret, and timberline for giving millions to israel. The excitement and chanting exceeded that of a sports game. The general feeling was peaceful, supportive, and joyous for the large turnout. Many cars also were beeping their horns in support. The gathering lasted long into the dusk, and well over two hours. For anyone shopping in the area its was disrupted by bilingual chaos, and waves of cheering. All throughout the protest were small groups of people dialoguing, and explaning the situation to people passing by with questions. This was an empowering rally for people, because of the solidarity it created.