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this is a long and difficult fight
shit people
shit people

Majority Leader *harry reid and Speaker of the House *nancy pelosi must be driven from power. They have screwed up the Congress so badly it is now hard to figure out who is in charge. We need change, not just in the criminal republican party but also in the weak-kneed democratic party. I call them the "watchers."

The senate, under reid, has drawn so many lines in the sand, it's beginning to look like a football field---a new line every ten yards. harry is famous for saying things like, "This is where we draw the line" and when someone, anyone, challenges him, he runs and draws another line in the sand. He is among the worst, as Keith Olbermann would say! We must put pressure on our senators to remove this creepy guy from the leadership of the Democratic Party. nancy is another matter that must be dealt with. She is a war criminal and must be tried for high treason.

nancy pelosi, the first woman to hold this office in the House of Representatives, knew about torture, violations of our Constitution and many other crimes. She must be replaced with a person of honor. The reason she refuses to start impeachment hearings is that she will be dragged into the scandal and may be tried herself. Just a few days ago she allowed a motion on the floor to support Israel in their murder of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. 390 out of 435 of our reps, said yes---kill the Palestinians at will! We must start sending independent leaders to DC. Stop sending the same people who screw you over at every turn. Our congressman, 3rd District, Portland, Oregon voted present. blumenauer did not have the stones to buck his leader by voting against this monstrous resolution. Only five members in the House said no, we have a lot of work to do. In the senate, reid called for a voice vote and the resolution passed unanimously! Isn't that special?

Look, go to the demonstrations, write, scream, do what you can----but do something everyday to start a new direction, one of understanding and respect for life. Don't ever stop, we need every voice to say ENOUGH.

Joe Walsh--Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon

* not capitalizing names is my way of being contemptuous of that person

homepage: homepage: http://Squadron13.com

joe... 11.Jan.2009 21:33


..where is your obama?

where is Obama? 12.Jan.2009 14:08

Lone Vet


My Obama does not exist, for he would:

Tell Israel to stop the murder of the Palestinians NOW or loose all foreign aid

Arrest bush and his dick after taking the oath of office

Sign the order and close Gitmo within ten days

Tell his attorney general to investigate every violation of our laws and international treaties.

Tell his attorney general to set up a special prosecutor to handle any criminal indictments of the bush gang for murder and destruction of our Constitution.

Tell his AG to find out what the dems knew and when did they know it---concerning torture, spying on Americans.

Tell the dems they need new leadership, reid and pelosi got to go

He would do all of these things in the first five minutes of taking the oath of office'

My Obama did not get my vote, because he does not exist

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh
this what should be done
this what should be done
and this
and this
just the latest
just the latest

Amen Joe 12.Jan.2009 20:44


I hope someday to see that first five minutes.