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Gaza: Real Politick,Terrorism, and Genocide,

Israel is not a democracy. Its government has been based upon racial and religious principles from its inception. Peace and Democracy is impossible under any government based on such.
U.S. support for Israel has been sold to the world as support for democracy in the Middle East. Israel is not, and never has been, a democracy. That is, unless you think that a nation built upon principles of racism can possibly be a democracy. Israel was created to be a 'Jewish state', not a democracy with respect to multiculturalism. The same holds true for Arab nations which identify themselves as 'Muslim states', (such as the U.S. during slavery - or before women won the vote). Democracy is impossible for a racially or religiously instituted state. Israel will NEVER allow a single state solution that grants equal rights to non-Jews, and will NEVER allow the existence of a non-Jewish majority.

As for genocide, just look at some maps - start with the layout of Israel/Palestinian territories in 1948, then look at one from 1967, and then take a look at others from between 1970-2005. You will see a very clear picture emerging, one that makes the genocidal program of the Israeli govt. very clear. It is no different than the techniques used by the U.S. in its program of isolation of Native American tribes, or the ghettos of Nazi Germany. The only thing lacking are the small-pox infected blankets or the gas chambers. Starvation and white phosphorous work quite well, though.

It is true that other Arab governments have played Palestinians as pawns in their cold-war with Israel, but today there is no question about whether Yahweh, Allah or Moolah ($) rule the policies of Israel and their U.S./Arab business partners. As has been the case for all of human history 'religion' is hijacked by money/power brokers to con common people into believing in faith or ideology as the basis for war. Zionists began in terrorism, often killing their own - even in the ghettos of Europe during WWII. They were terrorists when they invented mail bombing and the hijacking/shooting down of civilian aircraft. They were terrorists when they mowed down civilians during the ethnic cleansing of Israeli territory (which hasn't abated since its inception).

Starvation is as lethal a weapon as a missile or a white phosphorous bomb. As for the rocket attacks out of Gaza, all one has to do is ask themselves if they would peacefully submit to starvation. Gaza has been starved out, while listening to useless promises about peace if they lay down their arms. They are justified in their resistance when Israel keeps expanding settlements into the West Bank and other Palestinian territories in spite of the fact that those territories are not offering provocation. Gaza has been resisting genocide, and it was Israel who broke the 'ceasefire' - as usual.

Pay careful attention to the fact that I make a clear distinction between PEOPLE and GOVERNMENTS here. If the majority of Israelis actually controlled their national policies I'm sure there would be equal rights for Palestinians in a single state solution, or there would be a Sovereign Palestinian state, with all the rights that this entails. The Israeli government and the hard-line Zionists have long ago forsaken any moral high-ground. Their leaders have never made any bones about terrorism being an acceptable means of achieving their goals.

Either the Global War on Terror is a lie, or the 'rules of engagement' by civilized countries are a lie. If that is the case, then all talk of morality or justification (who threw the first punch?) by any government should cease. The heart of 'civilization' is idealistic at its core - cooperation is the basis for it, and all governments, laws, armies, police forces, banks, etc. are sold as protection of life, liberty, and property. "Real Politick" is not simply pragmatic wheeling and dealing between power structures. It is humanity's devolution to the law of the jungle (pure evil) or all of civilization is a lie and we should all just get a gun.