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Sick of it

It is disgusting, but I actually am considering not going to the hospital for a serious urinary tract infection due to the cost. I'm sure there are some hospitals for those who can't pay, but in my experience, it means digging for records until they give up on you.
The reason I am considering this is that I've just gone through mad hell to get out of debt and a few medical bills have already destroyed this effort all ready. For those left who think that this is just some disparate issue, let me attach a face to it. The problem is that the all mighty, revered credit score is the measure used to evaluate how responsible you are. Even with the predatory lending practices by the credit card companies, the obscene cost of health care and all the other things people face, you are viewed as responsible for your debt. Oh yeah, like I have a wide screen TV and am living large like a "welfare queen." Fuck that bullshit. Credit scores are a complete joke today! So why do I have to be victimized for being victimized by the fucked up health care system?! Just to walk into a doctors office requires major bucks up front anymore. This is why this is even an issue for me. This country is a goddamned joke and the only people who defend it are people who are gaining from it. We have a system which rewards greedy crooks and is defended by the same. Yeah, baby, it is a war on the poor... with 28,000 casualties per year of the uninsured going to their graves. Fuck them all!!!

completely understandable 16.Jan.2009 02:26


However, my understanding is that there are plenty of places to go to get affordable, often free, health care without a lot of hassle. The only place I've been to is Outside In and I would recommend them. But perhaps this might help start your search:


have you tried herbs? 16.Jan.2009 07:54

your friendly herbalist

you could try the herb uva ursi, otherwise known as bearberry & kinnikinnick. its the leaf that is used medicinally for this purpose.take 5 ml of tincture or 250-500 mg of dried herb in capsules 3 x a day. drink lots of water, but dont use for more than a week. uva ursi is a very strong herb and for short term use can be great, but long term use can cause some serious side effects, like liver damage. also id suggest reading up on it on the internet a bit first. you should be able to find this at most of your local or corporate health food stores.

There are clinics 16.Jan.2009 08:43


DON"T go to an emergency room, as the cost of that is absolutely outrageous, unless you have emergency symptoms. Do contact Outside In. They serve outpatient needs for low income adults and teens and a sliding scale fee basis. Don't let the urinary tract infection go without treatment, as a kidney infection would totally suck. Drink lots of fluids, especially water and unsweetened juices to treat the symptoms, but DO seek treatment. Allowing it to get worse without effective treatment risks a simple (but miserably painful) bladder infection turning into a kidney infection which risks hospitalization, kidney failure and all kinds of other fun.

I'd love to work for a National Health Service instead a non-profit...


agreed 16.Jan.2009 14:30


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles...I've been avoiding trips to the doctor for a few years now because I can't afford health insurance and I certainly can't afford to pay out of pocket. One thing I can suggest to you is the free insurance program that providence health care offers to uninsured patients. I would recommend calling the local providence hospital/medical office close to you and asking about it. It was offered to me because I was an uninsured low-income patient. All you have to do is apply for it and be able to provide pay stubs for the last 3 months you've worked. If you're poor enough they'll give you 3 months of FREE health care and eliminate any past due balances. I was able to get in 3 office visits, blood work and an ultra sound without being billed for anything. They might be able to help you....

alternative medicine works too 16.Jan.2009 15:10

john doe

you might want to head over to the alternative medicine section of your library and look up herbs that you can use. micropublishing just put out a zine about sustainable ways to heal yourself make things. i would recommend making an infusion (really strong). hospitals arent always the answer.

Always remember.... 16.Jan.2009 16:41

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

It's not the "cost" of healthcare, It's the "Price". There is a very important difference.

No industry has adopted the "Nash Principal" more closely than the "Health Industrial Complex". You are led to believe, that healthcare is so unbelievably expensive, that they (insurance companies) have no choice, but to pass these expenses on to the public. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your health, and the common good, are in last place, during the race for profits. Do not forget that. Have you noticed, that healthcare companies aren't closing their doors. They always seem to be a decent investment, primarily because they have a captive client base. Everyone, at some point, needs healthcare. Healthcare Prices, are simple profiteering of public misery.

Those of you, that are unfamiliar with "The Nash Principal" should look it up, and realize how you are being taken.

Seek assistance from the free clinics. You'll be stuck in line with the rest of us, and for that I have to apologize.