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convenient timing for a war

anyone up for predictions?
at the onset of this war between israel and the people of gaza, i was immediately tuned in to the fact that this act of atrocity was conveniently timed as bush was leaving office. i wouldnt doubt it if the outgoing administration wasnt consulted beforehand, israel and the us are tight friends after all. many are wondering if obamas administration will be one to respond to public pressure, and i think they will attempt that...at least at the beginning, until we have some type of disaster of our own; natural or artificially created. so, as we get closer to obamination i find it curious to see that some things look almost, if not, planned. the bankrupting of our country and most of the industrialized nations (projects are even suspended on dubai), now as gaza lays in waste, and the un headquarters and supplies smoldering, israel is entering into negotiations. how coincidental? dont want to offend the new american puppet? or is it to make obama look like he is ushering in peace, just as the peaks in resources start to pass. yes, there will be rioting, everywhere. yes, there will be military forces attacking the poor. by then it wont matter whos to blame (can we say rich pigs?), because the ones left will be a cabal of fascists, and the survivors who will do anything (including slavery) to get their share of water, food, oil and other resources. panic arthur dent! dont be entertained to death. act now before its to late. help stop the new world order.