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ungar fur wrap up 1/16/09

this was an awesome demo. we had sun to keep us warm. lots of pedestrians walking around which provided very good opportunities to do some anti fur outreach with portlands public. we are here to educate and we will never back down.....
ungar fur's demo wrap up. 1/16/09

the demonstration started at 1 pm as always. the weather was on our side today, providing lots of sun and lots of people walking around SW portland. throughout the day we had a lot of passing pedestrians stop and ask about why we were outside of Ungar Fur's (SW 12th and Yamhill). we would then give them literature about the fur industry and let them know about how many animals in the fur trade have their necks broken, have their skulls stomped on, and eventually, have their skin ripped off while they are still conscious and breathing. this disgusted the curious citizens of portland. some of them even went in to tell Ungar Fur's what they thought about their business.

we were able to have a conversation with 'smithers' of Ungar Fur's today. he was unable to answer our questions about his obvious guilt, or questions about visiting any fur farms where they get their animal skin from. instead of answering questions, he tends to change the subject and ask us an unrelated question. Ungar Fur's is not willing to listen. Ungar Fur's is not willing to understand. Ungar Fur's is not willing. how is a business like Ungar Fur's still in business in a progressive town like portland?

we live in a world where fur is not needed. not only is it not needed, but it is totally unnecessary. we are here to let the public know about how cruel and inhumane the fur industry is. we are also here to let Ungar Fur's know that we will never back down, until they stop the killing.

EVERY FUCKING FRIDAY. 1 pm. SW 12th & Yamhill.

how to get in touch? 22.Jan.2009 17:53

Jessica nightsyr@gmail.com

I am interested in joining in on this next week. I recently moved here and I was wondering how to get in touch with the person organizing this for materials ect?