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Oreo Cookie In Chief?

Bob Herbert the African-American New York Times columnist has just published a column in the New York Times called "Zimbabwe" in which he claims that Zimbabwe it is in a total mess and that it's all the president of Zimbabwe's fault.
Oreo Cookie In Chief?

By Lloyd Hart

Bob Herbert the African-American New York Times columnist has just published a column in the New York Times called "Zimbabwe" in which he claims that Zimbabwe it is in a total mess and that it's all the president of Zimbabwe's fault. The president of Zimbabwe is of course Robert Mugabe and he has been president from the very beginning of the creation of the state of Zimbabwe out of what was a very brief but successful political uprising of the overwhelming majority black population of Rhodesia against the colonial British white settlers who stole the country, controlled the economy and owned practically all the farmland.

But just like South Africa and many other African nations who have achieved so-called independence from the former colonial powers, so-called independence has only been a political shroud that covers up the economics that keeps Africa in abject poverty and practical slavery. A condition deliberately maintained by the so-called former colonial powers. But what truly allows economic colonialism to continue in Africa is one source of power and one source of power only and that is of course the deliberate and murderous foreign-policy imposed on Africa by the United States of America.

Bob Herbert's tirade against President Robert Mugabe is clearly a terrible act of Stockholm syndrome in which Bob's enslaved mind has adopted the tactics of white racism and western superiority to describe some conditions in Zimbabwe without giving any of the background or history as to how Zimbabwe got into the condition it presently is in.

You see, Zimbabwe really, is in a civil war over who will control the land and resources, the Western powers or the people of Zimbabwe. Many years ago President Robert Mugabe began a process of taking back the farm land from the White thieves who stole land from the tribes that lived and prospered on Zimbabwe's most fertile soil. This of course was considered a threat to the Western powers and their continued economic enslavement of the people of Zimbabwe and of course sent out a message to the rest of Africa that the future well-being of Africa is hinged on one thing and one thing only and that thing which is most hated by the Western powers, is land reform.

So what have the Western powers done and more in particularly the United States and Great Britain? They have criminally isolated Zimbabwe's currency preventing its trade on the international currency markets at the overall value of Zimbabwe's resources which are vast and worth billions annually. With Zimbabwe's currency radically devalued, hyperinflation, George Bush's and Tony Blair's criminal but intended result isolated Zimbabwe economically preventing it from using its currency to purchase needed imported goods to maintain the civil society President Robert Mugabe and his political party maintained since the beginning of the nation of Zimbabwe in 1980. It also made it impossible for Zimbabwe to get a fair price for its exported resources abroad. So the real criminals behind Zimbabwe's economic descent into hell as Bob Herbert calls it, is not President Robert Mugabe and his political party but rather it is United States of America and Great Britain whom are attempting to make an example of Zimbabwe for other African nations to see and what will happen to them if land reform continues to spread across the African continent.

Now, you might ask yourself why would the United States and Great Britain want to maintain a terrible economic system that enslaves the people of Zimbabwe and Africa and keeps most of resources in the hands of the Western powers and the transnational corporations that manage those resources on the ground in Africa. It's very simple. The United States of America and Great Britain have squandered their own domestic resources and allowed their populations to grow too large and have created an unsustainable economic structure that props up a middle and elite class in both countries that could not survive without the continued economic enslavement of Africa.

Clearly Bob Herbert did not quite understand the total meaning of Rev. Martin Luther King's stated line in his famous speech " Free at last, free at last!" Mr. Herbert , what the Rev. Martin Luther King clearly meant was political and economic freedom. But of course without America's stealing Africa from the Africans, the American middle class will fail and the York Times will have to cut its staff and like almost all American corporations, they lay off the blacks first. Oh, I get now! You are simply just trying to save your own job. So, maybe your not an Oreo Cookie after all but rather a selfish little prick instead. That's cool. That's American, right?

Bob Herbert, however, is not why I am writing this article. After all, there is a enough western superiority propaganda and lies disguised in the veil of righteous indignation raining down on brainwashed American and British minds to crush the entire world let's all alone Zimbabwe. No, it's the ridiculous idiocy emanating from president elect Barrack Obama's pick for the United Nations that somehow getting tough with Mugabe will begin the process of turning things around. Like eight years of the Bush and Blair team turned things around.

Obama's UN pick vows to confront Mugabe, beef up peacekeepers!

Dear Mr. President elect Obama. Let me ask you a question.

Is there any difference between militarily invading a nation (Iraq) and killing a million and half of its citizens in order to steal and maintain control that nation"s and the entire region's energy resources and that of the deliberate economic isolation of another nation ( Zimbabwe) in order to continue stealing that nation's resources and enslaving it's people?

If you can't answer that question honestly Mr. President elect Obama you will be labeled the "Oreo Cookie in Chief." Just another corrupt Black politician owned and operated by the same transnational corporations that presently enslave children in the coffee plantations in your father's African nation home, Kenya.

Dear Mr. President elect Obama. Do you understand what the Rev. Martin Luther King meant when he said "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"?????????

Lloyd Hart