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a "liberal" theocracy cometh

Cascadia MUST be a secular bioregional cooperative commonwealth not part of an empire with the illusion of liberalism but the reality of religious self righteousness.
As the regimes change hands we started with Rick Warrren rhetoric about his god. How many times did obama mention "god"? And what was this about calling those who do not worship his conception of the divine "nonbelievers"?

I am a proud proud Goddess honoring Cascadian. Goddess or Goddesses as Earth, Nature, Wisdom, Forest, Inspiration and so forth. BUT religion and spirituality is a personal thing that SHOULD NEVER be so poured on is a secular system. In a true secular system religion and non religious affiliation alike are kept out of the sphere of the general commonwealth so as to protect individual right to mind, body and spirit.

So I believe we are headed to a theocracy in the guise of "liberalism"

Cascadians keep that in mind as Obama keeps Bush's Faith based department, as he looks at same sex marriage, as he imposes his views on the social contract.

Warning 20.Jan.2009 10:14

Ecotopian Yeti

Keep in mind that Obama way back at the Democratic Convention in 2006 said "We worship an awesome God in the Blue States"

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." - Sinclair Lewis

You got it 20.Jan.2009 10:23


I agree with you completely. What scares me is the idol worship of this guy. I've seen people throw their brains out the window to follow him. Nobody's thinking. A very smart woman from the Radical women party said it best 'Obama could bring fascism to America'.

well I hate to say it, but ...... 20.Jan.2009 22:47

Ecotopian Yeti

Well sadly "liberals", "progressives" and the desperate have always been the true source and support of totalitarianism, tyranny and even fascsim. The cult of Adolf Hitler and the German Nation (Volk) was modelled after "liberal" and "progressive' programs and ideas of the US. Eugenics, FDR's work program (one I agree with), national workprojects (again I agree with) and other programs were all admired by the Nazis. Benito Mussolini and the Cult of the State (fascism) was supported by conservatives, liberals, royalists and others while eventually fascism proclaimed itself the enemy of liberalism and conservatism alike. Napoleon Bonaparte was hailed as liberator and savior of the newly awakened politicalized ethnicities (nationalsims) under the European dynasties until he proclaimed himself emperor. The German Ludwig van Beethoven in 1804 crossed out the name "Eroica Symphony" (The Hero's Symphony) of his newly composed classic work which was to honor the man who continued the people's revolution against the royalists when Napoleon declared himself emperor and betrayed the people's liberation. That composition today is called Symphony No. 3.

So there has been a long long misguided following of the "man" (or woman) out of blind devotion to the moving towards some blinding light. Obama I am afraid will lead us yet into a more religious destiny with our civil rights on hold for the cause (whatever the cause is this time).

Cascadians be for warned! And in three years of an expedition and misadventure into Afghanistan or some false cause that has led us farther from real liberation.