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Cascadia Summer April Events

Hey y'all we cordially invite you to check out any of our upcoming forest defense related events in Eugene Oregon in preparation for the summer...and we'd love to hear from anyone wanting to get involved.
  • April 14 - Tuesday: Info Table 10am-4pm at 19th & Univ.
    - Informational Meeting and Multimedia Presentation @ 7pm
  • April 17 - Friday:
    - Benefit Party and Live Music w/ Hand Crafts Art Auction, 9pm @ the Lorax, 1648 Alder St.
  • April 19 - Sunday:
    - Elliott State Forest Hike, sign up at EMU Outdoor Program Office
  • April 25 - Saturday: Tree Climbing I: Introduction to single rope technique & midline descent @ Lorax Manor 1648 Alder St. 12 noon.
  • April 26 - Sunday: Tree Climbing II: Further climbing, girthing and setting lines workshops. 12 noon
cascadia summer
cascadia summer
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