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Genetically Modified Foods Are Slow Death

Genentically Modified Food cover-up in United States is revealed.
Genetically Modified foods, banned in Europe, are sold in the United State as an experiment on citizens. Safeway and other grocery stores' membership / purchase data is sold to government agencies to track the effects of GM foods on humans. Federal Food & Drug Administration is complicit in the experiment on humanns and the American Medical Association, drug, and health insurance agencies are cashing in on the side effects of the experiment. The GM experiment is revealed in the following video at


To escape the GM Food trap:

Grow your own food
Buy from Community Sponsored Agriculture farms
If possible, use organically grow herbs as substitutes for drug company products.
Write your state and federal congressional representatives to make labeling mandatory for GM Foods and demand to have all new GM Foods tested by three independent laboratories before being released for human and animal consumption.

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