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"A different view on agricultural biotechnology"

Recently the US ambassador to Bulgaria, James B. Warlick in an article published in the bulgarian daily newspaper "Today", said: "I am talking about the food based on the modern biotechnolgy. These foods are the same safe high quality products that americans eat every day in the last 13 years. These foods never had any negative effects on the americans' health. And this is perheps well known. That these biotechnology products are safe is beyond any doubt. This had been confirmed by numerous investigations and articles performed and published in the USA and in the world, including the European Commission and the World Health Organization."
Dear Friends,

Recently an article entitled "A different view on the agricultural biotechnology" was published in a bulgarian newspaper. The author is James B. Warlick, US ambassador to Bulgaria. Please, take a look at the summary and read what Mr. Warlick said. What do you think about it. Do you believe in the words of Mr. Warlick? Do you agree with his statements? At present the big US corporations, like Monsanto, exercise an enormous pressure upon the European Commission and the european states including Bulgaria to liberalise their GMOs laws and allow growing of GM crops in the EU including Bulgaria. What do you say about this actions?

Best regards,

D-r. Didi Baev, molecular biologist, Bulgaria