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Learn How To Make Hedgegrow Wicker Baskets at The Planet Repair Institute

The Planet Repair Institute welcomes you to learn the fine art of Basketry. Reusable Grocery Bags BeSmirked, with the art of basketry you can create beautiful, functional forms with readily available natural materials. Come learn from the best!
This workshop will be taught by TJ Harrison, who apprenticed at the Ancient Arts Center with Margaret Mathewson (www.ancientartscenter.com) and has taught basketry at various gatherings & venues over the past 3 years.

Come learn how to make a basket! We will make baskets out of materials collected from farms, backyards, hedges, and wetlands around Portland. Techniques from the European stake-and-strand, or wicker, tradition, using whole rods of willow and other slender but sturdy plants. Participants will make a basket, from base to border, in a round shape with handle(s) if they wish. Emphasis will be on the process of weaving and effective hand position, posture, and tool use for working with whole sticks.

What to Bring: a small sharp knife, pair of hand clippers if you have them, lunch or potluck dish
Cost: $20-50 sliding scale

Please Register by March 10 with TJ (class size is limited):  tracy.jane.harrison@gmail.com, 503 522 4313