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call for anticapitalist bloc on May 1st

general callout for generalized struggle
guess what you're invited.

this message was intended to promote all blocs: antifascists, antiauthoritarians, anticapitalists, pink and black attack, boom box bloc, primitive skill bloc, queer blocs, earth bloc, party bloc, wild bloc, no border bloc, houseless bloc, subculture, counterculture, we are everywhere, anti cop bloc, pro revolutionaries, drag bloc, david irving crashers, kirtan bloc, alt life bloc, medusa, pleides, dionysus... Luther blisset, jimmy sparkles, rudolph red and black nose reindeer...

Turn apathy and anger into resistance and rage.

good thinking 01.May.2011 12:05


I really dig your idea. i really REALLY believe in events that draw all blocs together. If i wasn't working today/tonight i'd be there. kudos on the great idea and best wishes for constructive activism today. keep resisting-culture change is coming!!