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European Uninion: The Chickens Come Home To Roost

anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim political pronouncements fueled killer(s)
innocent victims of the fury
innocent victims of the fury
Sarkozy, Merkel, and numerous other European leaders are crying the biggest cocodile tears in recent history right now. They have been denouncing "multi-culturalism" for years now. In France, you go to jail if you sport a veil. Norweigian politicians are just as guilty of baiting. The nascent resurgence of Nazi-like philosophies in the E.U. has been refueled by these shameless appeals to discrimination. As in the USA, where immigration is blamed for every woe by the ill-informed and just plain prejudiced, the seeds of Hitlerian philosophies have grown exponentially with the rise of these slimy excuses for statesmen and women. Shifting the blame for a nation's problems on the weak and politically impotent is the oldest trick in the European book of 'divide & conquer'. Gypsies are a convenient target also and have been for hundreds of years. Lumping them altogether and branding them as some sort of cultural disease bent on the elimination of Christendom seems to be a popular tactic among Europe's "democratic' rulers these days. The asshole who shot all those kids at camp thinks he has a lot of support among white Christians. I hope he's wrong. I hope this wakes people up to the unimaginable consequences associated with this kind of mindset. As if Jesus would support any of this. Europe has always had it's Nazi past still stirring beneath the surface. Vichy-like cowards such as France's Sarkozy are directly responsible for these deaths. I'm sure there will be theorists claiming the killer was actually working for the NWO somehow, that it's not what it appears to be. That's true BS. This is the face of fascism, of hatred, of twisted values deranged by official proclamations. He claims to be a "True Knight" of some new "Crusade" to save the holy from the unholy interlopers. So much for a brave new world in harmony with itself. bThe comparisons with Timmy McVeigh are ridiculous of course. McVeigh was a patsy for inside forces that committed the horrors of OKC. But this creep was the real deal, a homegrown blodthirsty rightist on a mission "from God". Unfortunately these horrific acts may act as catalyst for other numerous hate-filed wackjobs who "hear the call". Now we have not only the usual "false flag" operations to deal with, but actual REAL terrorists accountable to no one but their own inner demons.