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Video: [new] Human Rights And Equity Office - Mayor and Commissioner Discuss 9.7.11

Here are the video clips on YouTube from the longer version
The Mayor and Commissioner discuss the (their) new proposal for a Human Rights and Equity Office. Filmed at the monthly Portland Human Rights Meeting on 9.9.11.
Six Parts with Mayor Adams & Commissioner Fritz discussing the new Equity department for Portland

1.  http://youtu.be/DfWCgU9QZB8

2.  http://youtu.be/RtinrMSAq2k

3.  http://youtu.be/krOAuSbagz0

4.  http://youtu.be/ZwacDnrN4mc

5.  http://youtu.be/oSSz5MQTuoc

6.  http://youtu.be/zFHDD3bIif8

(full version video is here)
 link to www.archive.org

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