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Almost There -- Marriage Equality In Wa State

Next: The House
It's almost too good to be true.

Tonight [Feb 1, 2012] the Washington Senate, on a bipartisan 28-21 vote, passed a marriage equality bill -- the first time in Washington history that an equality bill has passed in either chamber of the legislature.

Our efforts are working, creating real changes in Washington's marriage policy -- and it's all due to you, and thousands of other Washingtonians who care deeply about equality. We're hearing that all the calls and emails to the Capitol are changing minds. But, while this is a historic victory, it's far from the end of the road. The next step toward getting equality signed into law is a vote on the House floor, which may come as early as next week. And it's tempting to celebrate after such an important victory, but we just don't have the luxury. If marriage equality is going to be a reality in Washington, we're going to need to keep pushing, and keep speaking out.

We can't let up. Not yet.

Washington United for Marriage
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