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Ruckus at the State Land Board Tuesday February 14

Tuesday Feb 14 7:30am until 12:00pm
Oregon Department of State Lands Office, 775 Summer Street, Salem!
Will you be our valentine?

Cascadia Forest Defenders are heading to Salem on the 14th to confront the State Land Board--Governor Kitzhaber, Secretary of State Kate Brown, and Treasurer Ted Wheeler-- about their direct hand in the destruction of Oregon's public forests.

In October, Governor Kitzhaber approved a plan that will nearly double the annual clear cut in the Elliott Rainforest, starting this year. On the 14th, the first land board meeting of 2012, the Governor will also approve the privatization of over 1,000 acres of public forest land in Southern Oregon. Privatization will leave the fate of sensitive wildlife in the hands of ravenous timber barons.

(for more info visit forestdefensenow.com)
CFD invites any and all who are enraged with Kitzhaber to party with us on Valentines. Come with signs, props, and costumes appropriate for the occasion. Bring a friend, a lover, *or perhaps your whole affinity group* to participate in rowdy, light-hearted actions!

Some logistics:
-Carpool meets up 7:30 a.m. at the Growers Market parking lot, 4th/Willamette near the Eugene Amtrak station. Message us on fb or email  forestdefensenow@gmail.com if you have a large vehicle we can borrow for a day.
-This is not a permitted rally! Disruptive behavior may lead to your removal from the premises. If you want to limit your interaction with law enforcement, you are always welcome to come and quietly hold a sign or sit in the audience.
-If you would like to plug in with an affinity group for the action, or if you are organizing something with your affinity group, come to CFD's next meeting: this Friday, February 10th, at 5 pm upstairs in the Grower's Market (4th and Willamette).

*Get in touch if you would to help flyer or help us organize the rideshare!

*Portland rideshare is leaving from People's Coop, 3029 Southeast 21st Avenue, at 8 am sharp (on the 14th). Please show up at 7:30 and RSVP to  impstilts@riseup.net


We'll be there! 12.Feb.2012 11:40

Casdadia Earth First!

The State land board is responsible for some of the worst clear cutting happening in the state. Not just in the Elliott State Forest either. They're ripping the Tillamook and Clatsop forests apart with an aggressive campaign to clear cut those forests without giving them a chance to recover. We're going down there to let the State Land Board know that they're being watched on all fronts and none of us are taking their lies anymore!

No Clear-cuts
No Compromise!

Couple Photos 12.Feb.2012 20:02

Jim Lockhart

A couple photos from a protest late last year!