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Halt Approval of Agent Orange Resistant Corn

This is a Facebook event - but please print this out and distribute widely. Public comments can be posted with the USDA until February 27. Please act now. The purpose of this event is to increase the number of public comments sent to the USDA to oppose this proposal from Dow Chemical Corporation. Given the trend at the USDA, it will take more than public comments top prevent this outrage, but this is the essential first step - to make certain the will of the people is in the public record.
Facebook Event:

Please act now. The public comment period is open until February 27.
It is best if you can mail a scientific essay in a large envelope to the postal address -
(and ask for a delivery receipt)
Otherwise, use to link to post you comment to the web.

Federal eRulemaking Portal:
Go to

Postal Mail/Commercial Delivery:
Send your comment to
Docket No. APHIS-2010-0103
Regulatory Analysis and Development, PPD, APHIS, Station 3A-03.8,
4700 River Road Unit 118,
Riverdale, MD 20737- 1238.

Weeds surrounding RoundUp resistant corn have become resistant themselves, and are proliferating. Dow Chemical offers an alternative - genetically modified corn that is resistant to the old herbicides long known as toxic and cancer-causing. In order to be free of weeds, the fields will be saturated with a cocktail of old and new toxins. "There is substantive evidence that 2,4 -D and its contaminant dioxins are implicated in soft tissue sarcoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. After Sweden banned the herbicide in the early 1970s the incidence of two cancers declined..."  link to www.indyradio.nu

It will take a massive public outcry to block the new genocidal proposal that Dow Chemical Corporation has placed on the desk of the USDA. They have developed a new strain of corn that is resistant to 2,4 D - the active ingredient in Agent Orange, a chemical weapon that caused widespread illness and disability during the Vietnam war.

Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Stonyfield Farms, said, "The science is clear on the problems with 2,4-D. It has been implicated in health problems and birth defects in hundreds of thousands of Vietnam War veterans and Vietnamese people."  http://www.non-gmoreport.com/articles/february2012/oppositiontoagentorgangegmcorn.php

Mark Kastel from Cornucopia said, "the approval of (a major food crop) resistant to 2,4-D will cause an exponential increase in the use of this toxic agrichemical," comparing it to Monsanto's GMO corn that has become resistant to its Roundup herbicide—and which has led to the evolution of superweeds that grow up to three inches per day.  link to www.treehugger.com

It will take a tremendous public outcry to make a difference in the approval of the Dow GMO, which will encourage widespread use of the active ingredient in Agent Orange. You can see that Monsanto's recent request passed easily despite 45,000 comments opposing it. Scientific writing and an organization letterhead are a big help. Lend a hand (your writing hand) and your credibility to this absolutely necessary effort.


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