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Hillsboro -- The weather tonight is once again, poisonous.

Tonight we are seeing bombs bursting in air and the red glare of rockets. Booms and sparks abound as fireworks in the hands of aging children, explode.
It's just after 10pm, we've had our house closed up for an hour or so. The big booms have just begun. A few minutes ago, I stepped outside and choked on the sulphur laden air. Sulphur being noxious but not the worst of it -- there are many other chemical compounds and heavy metals. The fallout from these bombs will hang around for quite a while -- and there's no cleansing rain in sight.

The winds are currently from the WNW at 7mph. Those downwind from us take care. Expecting the holiday excitement to slow down around midnight, perhaps we can open the windows around 1 or 2 am.