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Chase foreclosed home in South Tabor, has allowed convicted meth dealers to move in

The property is at 2505 SE 70th 97206 about a block south of Division.

Talking to most neighbors, they seemed OK with having a family or occupy kids take the place over as long as its being taken care of. One neighbor said, "Chase is slower than the government in reacting to this deplorable situation in our neighborhood.
These savory folks were evicted from their last apartment at 2409 SE 70th for criminal activity and have been menacing the diverse neighborhood for over a year. The Chase home is about a block away from their last residence. According to neighbors, they moved in over three weeks ago and there's no sign of them moving anytime soon. Chase did not return calls from neighbors or give specifics as to when the problem will be taken care of.
The immediate neighbors are very worried as there's a good chance meth and other toxic drugs are being "cooked" in the house. Small Children live right next door and all over the street. There's a large apt complex right behind with a number of families. There's also a school about two blocks away.
Neighbors report traffic all hours of the day and night. At least two are writing down license plates and keeping track of the individuals frequenting the place.

Some neighbors are not waiting for Chase to move on this. They've given Chase 30 days to take care of it. If not, they will form a neighborhood task force to deal with what they see as a crisis in their own back yard.

The Felon's names are William Lee Shore and Adrian Charrel Clark.

If you live in the neigborhood, you can call Tim Nieto at Chase REO properties @ 949-721-5620. You can also call the Portland Police @ 503-823-4800.

Mug shots 19.Oct.2012 20:24

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Here we go!

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 link to www.whosarrested.com

 link to www.whosarrested.com

You can also call Ron Mamere Realty. He's been contracted by Chase. He's the property "manager" for Chase. Here's his number: