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Video; Race Talks - Hate Crimes in Oregon 3.12.13

A panel discussion on 3.12.13 on the topic of "Hate Crimes in Oregon"
This is a film from the 2nd Tuesday of the month Race Talk Series at Kennedy School.
"Hate Crimes in Oregon"

 http://youtu.be/TsCwk99wu08 [video 1. hour]

The same video is available for download here:

A Presentation by

Dr. Randy Blazak, Professor of Sociology, Portland State University
John Bryant, Grand Master, Sons of Haiti Masonic Temple, North Portland
William Travis, Co-owner, Mack & Dub's Excellent Chicken & Waffles
John Haroldson, District Attorney, Benton County, Oregon

Following the presentation, the audience will break into small discussion groups to talk over the evening's subject matter and more general topics of race and ethnicity. These discussion groups are facilitated by trained volunteers from Uniting to Understand Racism
 link to www.understandracism.org...

If you have questions or suggestions about the upcoming program (or the series in general), please contact us at the email addresses given below.

Finally, please mark Tuesday, April 9 on your calendar for next month's Race Talks: "Race and the Fluoride Debate"

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