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CIA Targets Portland Civilians

Read it-
Coinciding with Portland's renewed cooperation with the Joint Terrorism Task force; A permanent City relationship with Federal government; Portland's leftists seem to have become targets for Irregular or Silent Warfare within their communities. If it proves true, the feds are likely collaborating with or contracting hate groups to terrorize the civilian population, in particular African-americans, people with political awareness, and artists.

Mirroring tactics used by Naturalized ex-Nazi officers in the United States against American citizens since Operation Paperclip. Fascist sympathizers in Federal Government gave many new identities where they continue their reign of terror against the American Population.

James O'Keefe and Stan Dai were recently arrested by St. Bernard Parish Police in La for a break in at Senator Mary Landrieu's office in the New Orleans Federal Building. Trained by the CIA Stan Dai is listed as an Operations Officer of the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Program. He was targeting members of the United States government
that would seem to hold beliefs counter to the new 'Federalist' movement, the group calls itself. A seeming tool of the New World Order ushered in under Bush.

Department of Defense Directive Number 3000.07 Dated December 1st, 2008 Outlines some of the tactics in use against American citizens: "IW can include a variety of steady-state and surge DoD activities and operations: counter terrorism; unconventional warfare; foreign internal defense; counterinsurgency; and stability operations".

cute 21.Mar.2013 14:01


If what proves true? Your ellaborate and bizarre theory that reads like a conspiracy from an Orson Welles movie? All the fear these people have to go through already, and here you are to put foreward a theory based off...what? What evidence you got here?

uh 21.Mar.2013 15:10


So explain where Portland is addressed specifically, anywhere? Do you have any proof of this? I'm going to take a crazy guess and say "no".

Hint: titling a post "CIA Targets Portland Civilians" will lead people to think you have proof of that statement.

di a da da 21.Mar.2013 16:27


The closest thing to 'infiltrators' are the jack ass last year, an unacknowledged informant who we can only assume is hanging around anywhere there are ten or more self identified Anarchists, and if you're in New York some zionist troll jazzed up on sexual impotence and the David 'whats his fuck,' the one with the Stalinist parents who's friends with Pam Geller, and they swipe a BDS meeting email address once in awhile and post those obnoxious "sell your friends out for cash" bullshit postings, which if you ever go through are probably taken from indymeida postings, police banners, and twitter account and Facebook account info. End of this nonsense.

theres some truth to this 21.Mar.2013 17:57


but details are muddled

take the world cant wait/russ hallberg situation of oct 2006. afterwards hallberg was found to be working closely with crypto fascists, including conspiracy loon nazi wannabes 'portland 911 truth alliance'. a cypriot operative by the name of evdokas manages that group in secret, while in public claiming to be butthurt by the cia all the while feeding info to the same nazis(titrud, calvert) he was "denouncing". antifa knows all this shit

history shows that the fbi infiltrates racist far right groups to keep tabs on them. it wouldn't be a surprise if they used them as assets too. course it would be nice if the feds used this info to SHUT DOWN RACIST ORGANIZING AND VIOLENCE but apparently that's not in the mission statement.

whats weird is now this connection of intelligence services wanting to use fascist groups to spy on/harass leftists is more obvious before, why someone is publishing an unsourced announcement sprinkled with conspiracy new world order crap:

"A seeming tool of the New World Order ushered in under Bush. "

so in summary:
yeah the feds/cia use fascist nutjobs for their dirty work
yeah fascist/cults try to infiltrate feds for their own purposes
yeah this suck for leftists
don't trust this "announcement" as anything more than the above douchbags trying to frame an awkward situation as more conspiracy bullshit. the facts are bad enough.

HUH??? 21.Mar.2013 21:06


James O'Keefe and Stan Dai did this 3 years ago. Also, um the fed gov is of *itself* a terrorist hate group.

"Portland's leftists seem to have become targets for Irregular or Silent Warfare within their communities."

Yeah. No shit. This has been going on for decades. As for the rest of your post, so what, what the fuck are you talking about?