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Sexism Surrounding Matt Miner's Liberator

Sexism Surrounding Matt Miner's Liberator
A few months ago, I posted an article discussing the obsession with silicone breasts that the mainstream animal rights movement has, be it through PETA ads, vGirl models, or Matt Miner's Liberator advertisement that he claims wasn't an advertisement. He more or less called me "crazy" in a way that shames those labeled with mental differences and brushed me off. He also received support from those in the movement, many of whom are known misogynist sympathizers and rape sympathizers. One person (who happens to be an apologist) mis-read my concern for the activist's running shoes in action as a disdain for heeled shoes in general, and posted photos of a sign-holding activist wearing heeled shoes, as though a sign-holding person needs to run in the same way that a liberator would have to. I am just giving a little bit of background to Matt Miner so I can talk about his recent sexist micro-aggressions towards women.

On his twitter account, you can see that Matt Miner is fond of using the word "man" with regularly, in reference to his bro friends. This type of micro-aggression excludes women and non-men from his communications, and sets up an alliance with other men through a friendly, joyous expression of solidarity with those based on their own patriarchal gender, man, dude, bro.

Another patriarchal micro-aggression that Matt Miner is perpetuating, is using a quote about his liberator comic to advertise it on his tumblr. It reads:

"This book's got big 'ol Rottweiler balls!" - Chris Burnham (Batman, Inc.)

Using the word "balls" in reference to something being strong or powerful is problematic, because it perpetuates the idea that only those with testicles are capable of being strong, powerful and fierce. In patriarchy, cisgender males with testicles, the larger the better, are perceived to be stronger, superior or better than others without testicles. As someone without balls, I take offense to this. It may seem like a small thing, but living in a patriarchy with day-to-day small things really adds up. Matt Miner doesn't seem to care about this or pay attention to it. He applauds himself for asking the illustrators to not overtly-sexualize his character and make her look like an American Gladiator with breast implants.

Yes, Matt Miner is a problematic person in many respects. Last time I posted an article about him on here, he sent over some of his twitter followers to talk shit to me.

I would again like to state that this article is not so much for the followers of Matt Miner, as it is for the people who don't like patriarchal people like Matt Miner, a guy who does things things like use quotes that equate "balls" with courage, use the term "man" on a near-constant basis, and continue to use images of silicone in animal rights.

The animal rights movement has all kinds of rape apologists, accountability dodgers, dude-bros, academics who praise Woody Allen, Edward Abbey fans and those who never leave tumblr except to go out to eat. My best advice to any girl interested in getting involved with direct action, would be to use these people as an example of what and who to avoid, MAN.

Hey Matt, I don't have balls, but I am a brave and courageous person who loves animals. I don't think Jeanette is an inspiration, and I will not be buying your comic for a lot of reasons. I'm sure all of your cosplay friends will enjoy dressing like her, but I'm not into cosplay. Animal liberation is not something to be played with or a dress-up game for people on tumblr to post photos of in their costumes. You do not liberate me, and I find you no different than the other dudes in the movement.

it's like to modify my comment 16.Apr.2013 07:01

uh huh

rereading op and remembered previous imc threads, there's another possibility for op's cluelessness: they could be knew to the whole activist scene and being groomed by a fake ass "feminist" to sound edgy while being as ineffective as possible.

the whole "matt a patriarchal oppressor cuz he said balls" is so stupid it's almost not worth dignifying. women throughout the alternative community use "balls" all the time, and many other, coarser words when the occasion calls for it. only "rarefied" privileged, over educated so called feminists are so easily offended.

but someone who is new to "women's issues", never met/worked with real women activists(trust me, arguing about using a common non offensive phrase is WAY down on their list of priorities), who meets someone who sounds knowledgeable and charming could easily get manipulated into spouting this shit. happens all the time. it's how political cults work. it works better by mixing real concerns, like woody allen, etc.

so it's a toss up: fake ass femmaconartist or duped by femmaconartist? this is a "problematic" statement:

>>>"Yes, Matt Miner is a problematic person in many respects. Last time I posted an article about him on here, he sent over some of his twitter followers to talk shit to me. "

how did they know where to go? did you tell them? did you "friend" tell them? it's obvious from the comments matt doesn't scan imc daily, that looks a little weird. like someone is making a show so they can get "feminist cred".

so i'll reserve judgment on how fake you might be. you might just be confused and misguided.

if you're a fake, please gdiaf

if not, and you're just confused, there are many ways to be feminist without being a dumbass. here's a good link:


btw: the lack of right wing closet sexist trolls here is still a serious flag...someone is controlling this conversation, or lulling readers into a false sense of security...

lol @ fake oppression 16.Apr.2013 15:09


More of this fake feminist shit again? How many times do these goddamn myths need to be dispelled?

Maybe you should check your privilege before you hit "publish" - The patriarch right-wing anti-Semite pro-capitalist rape-apologists anti-reformist libertarian police-supporting tea party of PIMC just LOVES it when you hit "Publish". Stop contributing to terrorism and oppression.

I'm sorry that a comic book makes you so offended: how about you make a comic that's more appealing to your delicate sensibilities? Not enough time to do that, or are you not creative enough to do that? Hmmm, then maybe you should STFU and just appreciate that someone is taking the time to promote animal rights, instead of mocking them.

Or, you could give a shit about real things in the world, like actual oppression. For example, on the day that Boston was bombed (yesterday), there was 55 people killed in Baghdad via car bombings and political terrorism. You directly contribute to the oppression of the Iraqis and Afghanis via your tax dollars. Imagine the oppression of a women living in Pakistan or Afghanistan or anywhere Wahhabism rules. I saw a video out of Pakistan of a man who chopped off his sister's head, then carried the head to the police station during broad day light to confess, the video and accompanying article claimed that he killed his sister because she was no longer a virgin. He wasn't charged with a crime, as killing women isn't illegal under Wahhabisim. The nations that support Wahhabism are propped up by American money: Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

But anyways, keep playing these stupid fucking games about comic books, just ignore the women who are dealing with violence and slavery.

I think you're focusing on this dude as an ad hominem propaganda attack on this person's work. This is a specific tactic of counter-intelligence programs: attack the dignity of prolific activists, accuse them of anything (especially sex crimes) without real evidence. This is exactly what happened to Julian Assange, this is exactly the strategy of Accountability Now (and oh look, some compatriot posted a link), and this is exactly the strategy of the person who wrote "Also, Nick Cooney is a rapist." Also the OP claims, "Last time I posted an article about him on here, he sent over some of his twitter followers to talk shit to me." And yet the article is published anonymously. Things just don't add up.

Due to the general stupidity of the article, and the overly sensitive nature of the complaints ("he wrote balls!"), and the first two comments on the article were baselessly supportive (and anonymous) , my gut is telling me that this is just another provocateur trying to sabotage a legitimate activist. I've seen it before on PIMC, I'm not surprised to see it again.

@Fidelity 16.Apr.2013 23:04

uh huh

got to the party late, huh?

let's be real.....your comment history at imc strongly implies you are part of the problem. much like op your comment is tl;dr all over the place...and all your points have already been said. as you know from reading comments.

so why say anything 2 days later? that "self defence" gig not cred boost you thought it would be?


which part of DEBUNKED TO THE TUNE OF $300,000 do you not understand?


"I am not a fake person" you mean you're not a fake feminist? because you sure are a LIAR and most real feminists aren't. plz read before you make yourself look like more of a dumbass than you already have:

In February of 2013, the U.S. Federal Court issued a judgement against Adam Weissman, finding him guity of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy. You can view the judgment here. In the coming months, the Court will be issuing punitive and other damages against Adam Weissman. The amount of damages requested exceeds $300,000.


NO. 11-2425
AND NOW, this _____ day of February, 2013, upon consideration of Plaintiff Nicholas
Cooney's Motion for Default Judgment against Defendant Adam Weissman (Doc. 46), IT IS
The Clerk of Court shall enter the Defendant's default for failure to answer, plead, or
otherwise defend against this action.
/s/ Petrese B. Tucker
Hon. Petrese B. Tucker, U.S.D.J.


that is not just a "text document". it is a legal judgement.


and you, anon, probably know this Adam Weissman asshole. if the evidence was so iron clad, where were you fuckers? it's not like you didn't know....weissman saw to that.

now you and your team mate fidelity can fuck off.

re:Cooney lawsuit 17.Apr.2013 14:23


that means the REAL misogynist is Adam Weissman, who manipulated and took advantage of Stephanie Wilson, a possible cult victim with a history of damage:  http://www.rickross.com/reference/animal/animal41.html

"The Wilson family says it was like a drug addiction - radical animals rights ideas literally took over their daughter's life. She ran away on December 6th. But the Wilson's say their daughter was emotionally and mentally gone long before. Stephanie Wilson, 16, loves animal, but when she started to visit certain websites, her parents say things changed. "It turned from a love of animals to a hate for humans."

She spent more and more time viewing disturbing images of animal cruelty, and chatting with animal rights activists. Phone calls would come to the house. Over time, it became Stephie's life. "She couldn't function at school, function at home."

"We found her name listed as the chairperson of one of these organizations. She was 15-years-old until October." Stephie kept an on-line journal illustrating her hatred for people. "There was such a draw, the consistent information." "

there are lots of awesome animal rights groups. but sounds like steph got involved with a cult fronting as an animal rights group. chairperson at 15? wtf?

@uh huh 17.Apr.2013 15:30


You must read my comments quiet carefully, are you my estalking fan boy?

Just so you're aware, you're not the gate keeper of approved comments on this site, so your opinion on opportune times to comment is completely irrelevant. If it makes you feel better, I can check in with you before writing my love notes, just to get your seal of approval that I so desperately desire.