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Rebuttal to:  link to tdn.com
Dear TDN,

The article on The Community House is incorrect. It states that Mr Morrison terminated most of the staff that were former residents. In truth the staff that were former residence are still employed there. The Community House has never needed nearly a Half million dollars to operate. The staff that he terminated never lived there and they accepted min wage cause it was about the people not the compensation.
Mr Morrison Claims he brought in staff that could provide better care. He hired his daughter and 5 people from his former church at higher pay than the staff that was already in place. . Mr Morrison highest level of education is an Associates of Arts Degree yet he pays himself higher than that of his case managers who hold BA's..

Gods Closet before Mr Morrison took over provided free items that were donated by the community including clothing to an already depressed area but now you must pay for items...

Since taking over the community house he has single handily broke the Community House yet he has his hands out..

Print the truth TDN.....