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When Mitt Romney Came To Town

You think Mitt Romney is worth ten cents of difference from, for example, Hillary Clinton, or Ron Paul? Think again!
They will all sell our productionality down the river, (largely the Mississippi River) 'cause they don't give a shit about us. They will sell us techno-voting, or whatever TV enslavement they can dream up to enslave us. Because they are hungry for POWER. Not just money.

Gigantic MONEY among the destitute rats is only one other scam. They want power over us.

POWER is simply the ability to allow others to suffer when you could prevent it.

We don't need "anarchy," we need anti-authoritarianism. The difference is everything. Revolt against authority, is revolt against the System!

God will NOT intervene to create some fantastical "republic." The Republic of the Heart is the only justice. Support simple score voting. Reject techno-dictatorship!


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