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Video: Houseless Protest in front of City Hall -7.22.13 -Human Rights & Equity

I stopped by the protest for houseless people in front of city hall in Portland Oregon
This was filmed around 12 noon on Monday in Portland Oregon

 http://youtu.be/C57nh3WJJzA (23 min video)

Sleeping rights, Free Speech rights, The Right To Assemble, the right to a private restroom, Dignity, Respect and Human Rights

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Tuesday sweep 23.Jul.2013 07:18


I heard the Polo is going to s

weep away the protest today. possibly early in the AM.
I'm thinking they will start washing the sidewalk as a way to for it?

corporate media 23.Jul.2013 09:07

ben waiting

I read this on Twitter about the City Hall protest.
Homeless campers leaving Portland City Hall: Considerably fewer campers were at the downtown building early this...  http://dlvr.it/3hkWXL

7.23.13 - 8:55AM

"High Pedestrian Zone"? 23.Jul.2013 17:32

Joe Anybody

"High Pedestrian Zone" is what the city is now calling the sidewalk in front of city hall

The water hoses were out this morning

I heard a couple protesters 'almost were arrested /or/ wanted to get arrested to challenge the illegality' but they walked away [escorted?] in time to avoid the arrest

No Door on The Mens Rest Room - Human Rights and Dignity Issues 27.Jul.2013 17:57

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com


[This is an out take from the full video that was then edited to help point out this unacceptable issue of respect and privacy regarding bathroom issues and our city parks]

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gclDYr36vh4 {video 5:23 min}

Why is there no door on the Mens Rest Room in Lonsdale Park in Portland Oregon?
On 7.22.13 a houseless activist protester is handcuffed, to a tree as he brings to light the human rights and dignity / equity issue of the "No door on the Mens Rest Room" in the park by city hall. Oddly there is total silence by the Park Rangers. I suspect they know its wrong but do not want to say nor be involved? What will be interesting is "who is pushing for this to issue to stay as it is (sick) or who will make the change for what is right so that all citizens are treated equal and with respect and dignity when it comes to using a public restroom in one of our cities park!?