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Occupy Mt. Tabor - The Battle For Bull Run Continues

FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013 FROM 5-11PM

SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE 60th Ave
SE Reservoir Loop Dr. - Portland
A Public Occupation of Mt. Tabor (Camp Cascadia)

Camp Cascadia assembles every Friday at 5:00pm and disbands at 10:59pm until our one simple demand is met: Mayor Charlie Hales, formally ask Senator Merkly and Representative Blumenauer to petition the EPA, on behalf of our city, for the LT2 Waiver.

As the people from Portland, who live here and who love this place and our beautiful city, we ask all who attend this public demonstration to respect Mt. Tabor and the surrounding land. This is our commons.

As organizers for Camp Cascadia, we appreciate our beautiful public spaces, which is why we are working tirelessly against those political and corporate forces that are attempting to take them away and to parcel them off for short-term economic profits profits for the corporations, that equal to generations of debt and increased water rates for the people of Portland.

We say No! Its time for Portland to be heard.

See you on the mountain.
To get involved email  campcascadiapdx@gmail.com

Camp Cascadia Community Coordinator Jessie Sponberg
Camp Coordinator Micaiah Dutt
Camp Outreach Jude Boatman
Camp Media Jess E. Hadden

for more information visit  http://campcascadia.org and  http://bullrunwaiver.org

Initial Press Release from July 15th 26.Jul.2013 16:17


As of 2PM, Portland City leaders have failed to reach out to Camp Cascadia regarding the decision to quit on the fight to seek an LT2 waiver from the EPA's reservoir rules.

Clearly, our good faith efforts to amplify a long-ignored opinion that we should do everything possible to protect our water have failed generate a response from City Hall. All we have heard, indirectly through the press, is the City's insistence that it has done everything possible to protect our pristine water (while the police simultaneously enforce absurdly strict interpretations of city code and generally intimidate us). This is simply not true and the continued insistence on passive acquiescence leaves us no choice but to take steps to show our commitment to protecting Portland's water, which most likely will include civil disobedience.

We take great pride in having created a safe environment for a diverse array of water rate payers, Mt. Tabor neighborhood residents, and concerned citizens to express their disgust about the revolving door politics that would trade our pristine water in order to benefit former city employees in their new private endeavors (i.e. former water bureau Joe Glicker and his employer CH2M Hill who received the underground reservoir construction contracts). And we thank members of the media for showing up to help us communicate a message that people have been struggling to spread for up to a decade. Unfortunately these efforts apparently did not communicate the seriousness of this issue to Mayor Hales and the rest of city council (some of whom are up for re-election in 2014).

As of this moment, we are making a call for the citizens of Portland and those who pay water bills to join us tonight for a large act of civil disobedience. We will not be leaving the park at midnight.

Those who do not feel comfortable participating in an act which may very well lead to mass arrests, please join us and remain on the sidewalk where you will be safe from the authorities. Your eyes, ears, and cameras will help keep us safe from the expected police brutality.

No matter what happens at Mt. Tabor tonight, this fight will not end here. We simply cannot accept the City's capitulation and willful failure to protect our water. There are still options on the table. The people of Portland deserve safe, clean, affordable drinking water.

more 26.Jul.2013 16:19


The future of Portland's pristine Bull Run water as it exists today is now in our hands; our heritage, our health...

The Bull Run system has performed well for over 100 years without a public health incident. We provide full disclosure and describe the scientific basis for an EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Waiver from an unnecessary and costly EPA regulation that will degrade our drinking water.

A working group of citizens supporting healthy and affordable Bull Run drinking water. We are asking elected officials to immediately call for an EPA / Congressional Waiver exempting Portland from the scientifically unsupported EPA Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (EPA LT2). An EPA regulation addressing a public health problem that does not exist, and never will.

Without an EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Waiver, Portland will have to cover our open reservoirs and continue with the uncertain costs of adding unnecessary artificial UV radiation drinking water treatment in the Bull Run watershed. These actions will result in significantly degrading our drinking water quality with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals while adding undue financial hardship on residential and commercial customers. We ask that Portland's open reservoirs and the pristine Bull Run watershed be recognized for their long public health history of clean, safe drinking water for over 100 years.

Waiver- Simple agreement between the City of Portland and EPA /Congress exempting the Bull Run drinking water system from the EPA Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule. Now is the time to make our request to EPA. The EPA is currently reviewing the regulation and science is on our side while the weight of evidence continues to grow. New York City * has also requested waiver. * See Media