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Create Food Security and Abundance with a Permaculture Design Certificate Course

At Brighid's Circle we believe people need permaculture, not just to create a sustainable future, but also to feed our families and communities now. We offer permaculture design courses on a sliding scale at a fraction of the usual course prices.
Local Permaculture class offered for much less than the usual prices...

A Permaculture Design Course teaches how to design ethical, self sustaining food growing, water, housing, and energy systems of any size. Create a design to feed your family or work as a consultant for others. Full Permaculture Design Certificate Course offered for donation of only $10-$20 per class. 1 class per week. 24 weeks. Call for more information and location call 449-8077 @ 503

Presented by Brighid's Circle, LLC.
Instructor L. June studied permaculture with world renowned permaculture designer & instructor, Geoff Lawton, of PRI, Australia.

Permaculture is "People Care, Earth Care, and Return of Surplus," creating systems that are not only sustainable, but also enriching to the soil and all life.

Classes begin:
In Salem, October 22nd, 6:30-9:30pm
Or in Oregon City, October 26, 10am-1pm

For more info visit:

homepage: homepage: http://brighidscircle.wordpress.com