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Electromagnetic Intolerance is devastating

Suffering from an illness that the government refuses to acknowledge becasue of pressure and influence form a big industry can devastate people's lives. To maintain a profit, people are offered up as sacrifice--lives destroyed--with no hope to fight back
I have learned alot about the country, greed, lack of government concern for citizens, and just how unimportant we are in the grand, greedy scheme of things. Up until about 9 months ago, my life was realtively ordinary. Yeah, I had a bad marriage--but so do a lot of people. I have great kids--three of them and they are my entire life. I taught them that they matter and that they live in a great country and that life, for the most part, could be fair. Then, I moved into a new home--exposed to 3 smart AMR meters--and 85 cell phone antenna. I developed ELectromagnetic Intolerance. So began the quick decline in my health, my life and my beief in this country. I found out that the telecom industry has attempted to used it's considerable wealth to influence study outcomes, to 'war game' real science showing the dangers of microwave radiaton and to dismiss, demean, and sitgmatize those who suffer the consequences of overexposure to this technology. People who can't tolerate peanuts are given special tables to eat lunch at at schools. People who can't tolerate wifi are called 'crazy', 'mental' or are told they are suffering from a 'psychosomatic' illness. Never mind the studies 1800+ showing biological effects of electromagneitc radiation. Don't worry about the growing numbers of people suffering symptoms from this condition. Erase the studies going back over 40 years spelling out the symptoms reported from exposures. No, it's all just 'imagined'. Tell those suffering and living in tents, parks, cars, or wher eever they can find with low radiofrequency radition that they are just nuts! Pay no mind to the fact that our heart, brain and in fact, every cell in our bodies communicate through electrical activity. So how, one ponders, could electrical impules ever affect our bodies? I mean--a electric chock can't stop or start a heart, can it? We don't use equipment that measures electrical activity in our hearts or brains, do we? We wouldn't want to upset the FCC or the telecom industry or the govenment lobby recepients. We wouldn't want to rock a billion dollar industry. Maybe it would be best to put a telecom lobbiest and insider in charge of the FCC so that we can be sure that the limits will be as high and unsafe as possible. We simply will say that it IS safe and that people aren't being damaged. We won't look at the other countries who are warning that exposure can be harmful. We will absolutely not look at the growing scientific professions--doctors, researchers, scientists--who are warning that this is going to blow up in our faces. That this is the next major--but preventable--health crisis. We won't say that industy insurers refuse to insure the telecom industry. That might make people worried. Now I am fighting for my life because I am suffeing from Electomagnetic Intolerance--but it can't be recognized for what it is. So it is being called a mental illness. So 17 years of work means nothing. Eleven years of taking great care of my children means nothing. An abusive husband can say hey--the government and the industry say my wife has a mental illness and she isn't fit to take care of the children anymore. I can't work because where in the name of God can some one go without being exposed to wireless technology? So I now have no say in anything. But I'm only one person who is suffering, right? Well NO!! My children will be suffering. They can't understand how their mother could be ill from meters on the house and how the utility company and government can still force us to keep the meters on our home. They can't understand how a court could say that their mother is not ill when everyone around me (minus my cheating spouse) can see that I am severely affected by this. They can't understand how the 'greatest' country in the world would deny and abandon people who are suffering from something that is preventable--just because the industry involved controls millions of dollars in lobbying money. Surely that wouldn't affect the governments decisions, right? It isn't just myself and my children who are suffering through this. It is thousands of otehrs who are suffeingthe physical symptoms and can't get any help. It is the thousands who are barriering their homes, moving fom home to home ,losing jobs, losing support systems, losing dignity becasue an industry and government refuse to acknowledge something as plain as the nose on your face! Hundreds, if not thousands, have made it known how sick they are. Still, it is ignored and denied. The American's with Disabilites were asked to look into this, to see the suffering, to do something about it. Well, guess what--they haven't done squat! They spend thousands for lifts in pools for disabled people--but turn their backs and close thier wallets on people who suffer from Electromagnetic Intolerance. Those people apparently don't deserve help. Somehow we are disposable. We don't matter much. Tell that to my three beautiful children. Tell that to all the people who once had productive lives, jobs, and relationships. Say it loud and clear 'YOU DON'T MATTER'. Tell the American Academy of Environmental Medicine that their wrong when they say that Electromagnetic Intolerance is growing all across the globe. Tell them that the science from thousands of studies is wrong and that this is not damaging people. Tell the brave scientists who are standing up against t he government and industry and trying to get the truth out that they are worng. Tell those kids who are exposed to a carcinogen at school with wifi--everyday, all day, almost all year--that their health problems are 'imagined'. When the you-know-what hits the fan, tell us that it is all o.k. All of the health consequences will be blamed on something else and the telcom industry will continue with it's billion dollar profits. Maybe when somebody of consequence gets ill--then people will listen. Right now, it is just the commoners who are getting ill. They, of course, don't matter. Listen up people, do your research yourself. Do not rely on the government or the industry to keep you safe. All I have left to say is remember the tobacco industry, oh and the lead industy. Wait, what about the asbestos industry. Isn't Thalidamide bad for you? Didn't DES cause many health problems? Isn't YAZ beinbg sued? What about mercury? Didn't PG&E have some contact with Erin Brochovich? I think they did somethign very bad and finally got caught. What will it take to open the eyes of the government and the general public now??? How about all kinds of illness in our children. Maybe massive increases in ADHD or ASD. Maybe childhood cancers, brain tumors, learning and behavioral problems. Wait--that is happening now. I guess there is no waking up the public or the government. I suppose I have to tell my children the truth about the world now. I guess I will have to face the truth about the world now. My son told me that if enough people could get together, maybe we could fight it. How? Most of the people with this illness are unable to use a computer, go to public places, or have the funds to even live. How can we fight it? If someone figures the answer to that question out, please--let us all know.

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I want you story to get out - 12.Dec.2013 14:19


but it will be much, much easier for people to read if you make paragraph breaks. A solid wall of text is too daunting for many to get through.

I want your story to get out 12.Dec.2013 18:26

but it is so hard to read

Please re-edit and repost.

the phones aren't the only problem.. 13.Dec.2013 10:29


we really need to change the standards, we can still have cellphones and wifi with a reduced level of risk.
And public communication networks are NOT our only problem.

I still own electromagnet.us, by the way, but it's not currently active