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3 Police Cars Smashed Outside of Olympia Justice Center

On the night of December 16th, 3 police cruisers parked outside of Olympia's Creighton Justice Center (home of the Olympia municipal jail and municipal court) had windows smashed out.
On the night of December 16th, 3 police cruisers parked outside of Olympia's Creighton Justice Center (home of the Olympia municipal jail and municipal court) had windows smashed out.

This particular day was picked in conjunction with the international call for solidarity with the Barcelona 5, accused of the bomb attack against the Roman-Catholic cathedral in Zaragoza, Spain. Two, who remain in pre-trial custody, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, were also recently the targets of prosecution in the Chilean Anarchist Bombs Case (2010-2012). They both confronted that trial and 9 months of incarceration with dignity. They inspired the international anarchist community and so now we want to show our support for them and our hatred of the repressive forces with this act of rebellion. Solidarity means attack!

The Olympia Police are a manifestation of the same apparatus of repression that tries to control our comrades overseas. This control and repression exists in the US in abundance as well. For example, on November 19th in Durham, North Carolina, the police brutally murdered 17-year-old Chuey Huerta while he was being detained in the back seat of their cruiser. With our action we also send a heartfelt message of solidarity to all those who are suffering the loss of a loved one at the hands of the police, particularly those in Durham, NC.

The only thing in the back of these cruisers tonight will be the shattered egos of the OPD, to whom we send a big FUCK YOU!

You don't understand how things work, do you? 18.Dec.2013 01:40


"now the money that was going someplace else at the city level like food for the homeless shelter gets spent on a brand new windshields for the all three cars."

This damage will in all likely-hood be covered by insurance, and furthermore the police can't just arbitrarily take funding away from another government agency--that is not how things work in reality. If you truly had concern for the houseless you would understand that it is the police who enforce laws which criminalize the houseless and poor. It is the police who enforce a system of extreme stratification and inequality that creates poverty and houselessness in the first place. If you actually cared about the houseless you wouldn't be crying crocodile tears over a few smashed police cruisers.

Forrest Gump is right 18.Dec.2013 09:58

Bubba Blue

Stupid is as stupid does and the stupid by red and the op burns like fire. Progressive entitlement class parasites bust some cop windows then break their arms slapping their juvenile asses on the back. LOL you are so special.

Funny, "BB" 18.Dec.2013 14:04


... as if there's no such thing as regressive conservative corporate entitlement. Corporate big business INVENTED entitlement & welfare.

Oh, Really? 18.Dec.2013 15:24

Bubba Blue

So how about some examples where big business invented entitlement & welfare. You will find that democraps and progressive morons invented it. Looking back to 1965 and LBJ's Great Society we see entitlement and welfare created, and in the process the destruction of the Black Family. But I am sure that you have gorged yourself on the kool-aid and are probably too indoctrinated to see the truth. So, kiss my ass.

Not Democrat or Republican 18.Dec.2013 18:12


Bubba Blue, perhaps you should look into government contracts starting with the War of 1812 (just because wars are the easiest to see the idea of welfare for business).

If you think the Great Society destroyed Black families, you need to get a better understanding of history. I suggest you examine what was a vibrant Black press in the early 1900s and see how ideas like the Great Society were exactly what were needed. What the Great Society did helped immensely, especially when viewed through the lens of civil rights. It has failed in many respects because racism has just taken other forms. See the private prison industry as an example.

Lazy Ass to "Kiss" 18.Dec.2013 18:15


Your lazy ass is not interesting, ... lazy in expecting me to list examples of corporate welfare ~~ & there are hundreds ~~ grabbed by the clawing dainty entitled hands of this country's pampered aristocrats.

I wouldn't Do This 19.Dec.2013 06:35


Attacking police cars will result in much trouble and unhappiness for everyone. The police only have power over individuals, and that will often be abused. However, attacking their cars will not have the slightest effect on the uncaring people who hold the vast ruling power. So it's a losing tactic.

Vandalism May Be the Most Powerful ...Tool 19.Dec.2013 22:42

Tracy Mapes

...in the Poor Man's Toolbox.

Police are the Fingers of an Unjust Society, but Attacking Cars locally for perceived injustices half a World away make no sense at all.

Back to legitimate bitches and gripes? The Destruction of, or Marking of Property of those who bring injustice to Our Lives should not only be exercised on a regular basis, it should be Taught in Schools. We are in a Societal struggle now for even the most basic of Freedoms and Privacy. If we continue to Listen to and Abide by Our Oppressors Demands with no Regard for the Quality of Our Own Lives? We deserve the Punishment I Guess.

When I proposed a New Anti-Secret Society some Years Ago, (The 'Red X' Society) the Idea was Simple. Mark the Offending Corrupt Organization's Property with Giant Red X's, until the Cost to Clean or Replace the Damaged Property became So Great that the Very Cost Protectiveness would Demand a Change in Behavior or Business Practices to allow survival in a Competitive Market.

The 'Red X' was chosen as to Easily and Immediately Recognizable for its Message to Society that Corrupt and Ill Mannered Businesses and Government Agencies would not be Patronized by Anyone who knew that their Activities had become So Offensive to the Sensibilities of the Community, that the Natural Progression and Reward that came to Businesses that Operated in a Manner which Encourage Fair Treatment and Business Practices with All People, would eventually Replace the Idea that Criminal Abuses of Governmental Assets, Power, Legislation, and the Justice System was a Legitimate way of taking Advantage of the Populace.

That when You walk across the Street and Share Your Dollars with Good Businessmen, the Shunning and Dis-Inclusion of the Criminal Enterprise would not only not be a Viable, Sustainable Option, but would Lend itself toward the Re-Education of All Men who Conduct Business to Remember the Rewards of Being Good Business Partners and Community Partners for the Shared Success of All Community Members. This is the Only Way to ensure that the Capitalistic Economic Model stays Viable and Prosperous, instead of the Un-Promising Economic Hell we now Live in.

So Businesses are once again able to run an Enterprise with a Promising Future. That the Success of Other Businessmen and Community Members, The People, The Citizenry, would one Day lead to Their Own Prosperity. The Man across Town maybe your Competitor? ...Or may even make a Different Product. You may not even Know Them? But the Importance or Keeping All of Our People in a Condition of Being Productive, Families, Employees, and/or Businessmen means that those People will not only Cost Less to Insure, Manage, and be Healthy and Productive, but the will also Have the Means to Walk through the Doors of Your Business and Buy Your Product or Service.

We are at the Most Evil of Crossroads that I have Ever Experienced in My Life. And I would like to Resolve All of the Worlds Problems. But it can't be done by One Man, and It Can't be Done without Action. We as a Community, a Nation, Neighbors, Must decide when the Abuse has become un-affordable. And Un-Sustainable. This is Our Future. And Until some Move is Shown in the Good Faith of Business, Government, and the Community, I will Support Such Action as Being a Viable Tool in the Re-Education of a Society on the Brink of Its Own Destruction.

Now, you should know why I get shot with Rayguns. There will be No Reward in this Life for Me or Anyone Else, if We do not Solve these Problems Together.


Now, I'll Tell You why the Destruction of Police Vehicles and Equipment would be a far more effective Tool than Standard Protest Methods.

A Police Car is the Finger Tips of Injustice at this Time in Our History. The Police Car is the Instrument of Destroyed Families, Lost Cars, Lost Jobs, and an exorbitant Drain on Our Nations Resources. For Every Family that can be Destroyed by the Power of a Police Car's ability to bring Men with Badges in Contact with the Public to Ultimately Remove their Purses, Property and Wallets through Our Court Systems, or for the failure to Comply with the Legislated Obligations of Insurance and Health Care. To Criminalize Ones very ability to Survive or Sustain Oneself. The Police Car is Like a Shark in a Well Stocked Fish Pond.

If You Can Disable that Ability? ...You Can Apply So Much Financial Pressure to the System, that the Only Recourse to Government and Society would be to Resolve the Injustices We Face.

The Justice System has become the Candle that Burns Our Society from both Ends, and the Middle too. And What I mean by that is, The Negative Effect that propagate form the Actions to enrich Local or Federal Government Reverberate throughout the Community in the form of Destroyed Families, People who can't Compete because of the Additional Burdens put upon them by the Court System, Fines, Restitution, Double Fining, Seizure of Properties or Incarceration for the Inability to Pay.

The Taking Away of Even a Single One of these Instruments of Societal Destruction Could Result in a Family Staying Together or Not. A Man Keeping his Job or Not. These are the Most Important Things.
The Stopping of the Family Components Destruction. The Immobilization of the Ability of an Individual or Business to Compete on a Level Playing Field.

Fro there is One Thing for Certain, that No One can Deny, be They Citizen, Police, or Court Magistrate. A Person who is Trying to Feed Themselves, Holds a Job, Supports a Family or Other Member of Society through their Employment, and Loses that Employment due to the Inability to Comply with Societal Burdens put upon Him or Her become to Great, They will become More Expensive than those who have Already Failed or Refuse to Try at All.

The Reward or Retribution that Society has Allowed the Court and Justice System to Reward at the Expensive of Destroying Our Own People's Viability to be Productive Member of the Community, can Never Equal the Cost of the Burden We will All Share in their Failure.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

It's not the Price of the Vehicle that will Stop Them. It's the Price of the Meetings and Court Hearings that will Never take Place if that Piece is Taken Out of the Equation.