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Fullerton Police Launch Outreach Program to Teach Gandhian Values to Underprivileged

In July of 2011, six officers from the Fullerton, CA Police Department -- the so-called "Gandhi Six" -- took this philosophy to the streets.
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Sickening 14.Jan.2014 15:47

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

We've seen from coast to coast & from border to border that the cop industry can draw some good men & women but can also draw thugs & cowards & maniacs. Sad fact is that those in charge of all cops have proven themselves incapable of distinguishing one type from the other, & of removing those thugs, cowards, & maniacs from the streets.

Fullerton PD scans social media, fears attack 14.Jan.2014 17:42


they're very fearful! hoho
attached photo proves that the police lawyers were right - this man must have died of something other than the injuries sustained from a beating.
Couldn't post at indybay.org - my guess is the pigs are keeping it busy. They used to be all over santa cruz indymedia before the consolidation whenever shit like this happened - I would get referrals to my site from the indy site, and the visitors were Homeland SeKurity and local pigs. They're getting better at it too. So this is what I say:

Police lawyers claim Kelly Thomas died of causes other than the injuries inflicted by officers Ramos, Cicinelli and 4 others not charged with crimes. Now, the Fullerton police, in conjuction with Homeland Security are using this as an excuse for a nationwide witch hunt for activists against police violence. So says the story here, you don't have to look to hard for the story between the lines. Even though they admit there are "no specific threats", they have an excuse and a billion dollar fusion center with all the latest toys that they already are known to abuse. "Police said they began monitoring social media sites after hearing that death threats may have been lodged against the two former patrol officers, who were hurried from the courtroom Monday after the verdicts were read.
"We're taking necessary precautions that I can't go into," said Sgt. Jeff Stuart, spokesman for the Fullerton Police Department. "We're prepared for any eventuality that may come."
Stuart said he wasn't aware of any specific threat made against police officers in the college town."  link to www.latimes.com


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555-666- PIGS

-0|0- 14.Jan.2014 18:04

read between

without reading i will just repeat the tried n true word in regards to the aforementioned: Satire