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Ohio Governor Says Bring On Live Organ Harvesting & Experimental Chemical Executions ?

Dear Pope,is Ohio The Start of Chemical Experimental Executions~live Organ Farming Asian Style ?
As many will read,Ohio is on the verge of experimenting with execution drugs on their state human prisoners and then harvesting their body parts after death !
Hillary's Agenda*


Relax environmentalists,elite financed Think Tanks creating Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential political tasks,have Mother Earth on Hillary's Agenda !

@Hillary's Agenda*


Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 25m
Prisons Have Begun Treating The Death Penalty Like a Science Experiment via @tnr  http://www.newrepublic.com/article/116213/death-penalty-uses-untested-dr ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 42m
@nzherald @YouTube~We ask Honda Corporation employing Ohio residents to please ask Ohio not to use Japanese style Drugs on human prisoners !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 50m
@nzherald @YouTube~We ask Kenichiro Sasae Japan's U.S. Ambassador to please ask Ohio to not use Japanese WW2 style human drug experiments!

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 54m
Over a million sign petition against illegal organ harvesting in China,& Ohio wants executed prisoners human organs ? http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_01_10/Over-a ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
Dear Pope,Ohio human organ donations from prison inmates after execution while drug testing executions?  http://fxn.ws/1bFvpfx via @foxnews

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@nzherald @YouTube~We always have known Ohio has many Japanese factories employing Ohio residents,but teaching Ohio about Drug experiments ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@nzherald~ History Channel: Japanese Unit 731, lethal non-consensual experiments on humans...  http://youtu.be/LJT897HHWkE via @youtube

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
@nzherald~North Korea mentors Ohio ?
Kim Jong-Un 'very drunk' ordering executions - NZ Herald News  http://nzh.tw/11177496 via @nzherald

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 1h
Ohio inmate not entitled to a pain-free execution - judge - Crime - NZ Herald News  http://nzh.tw/11186765 via @nzherald

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 3h
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Protecting the www children from elite owned www adult hard core porn should be priority number 1 for any sane caring human

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 3h
Federal appeals court strikes down net neutrality rules  http://wapo.st/1iOwmpY

Joe Rogers ‏@j_rogers01 12 Jan
Stop Illegal Immigration... #tcot #2A #NoAmnesty #MakeDCListen #ORPUW #stoprush pic.twitter.com/QEuxgg0pRa

Joe Rogers ‏@j_rogers01 13 Jan
Crony Capitalism: A No Bid Contract on a $600M Website that Didn't Work. Should've cost $1M. #tcot #MakeDCListen #ORPUW #stoprush #LibCrib

NYT Science ‏@nytimesscience 13 Jan
Behold the sea sponge, a brainless animal that scientists have found capable of sneezing, nonetheless.  http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2014/01/12/simple-aquatic-sponge/ ...

NYT Science ‏@nytimesscience 13 Jan
By Degrees: Grappling With Sea Level Rise, Sooner not Later  http://nyti.ms/1j46lpc

NYT Science ‏@nytimesscience 13 Jan
Observatory: Scientists Find Rare Hybrid of Two Other Dolphin Species  http://nyti.ms/1iJTDsZ

NYT Science ‏@nytimesscience 13 Jan
The Week: Frozen Insects, Glowing Fish and a Futuristic Suit  http://nyti.ms/1j4jzlI

NYT Science ‏@nytimesscience 13 Jan
Dot Earth Blog: Don't Try Wooing Action Star Maggie Q with Shark Fin Soup  http://nyti.ms/1iKdxnV

NYT Science ‏@nytimesscience 19h
Out There: Over the Side With Old Scientific Tenets  http://nyti.ms/JWZsau

NYT Business ‏@nytimesbusiness 13 Jan
Today's Economist: Poverty and Inequality, in Charts  http://nyti.ms/1ayH8ys

Siobhan Gorman ‏@Gorman_Siobhan 13 Jan
Global warming's big challenge for the Navy to "defend a new coast." @julianbarnes reports from the Polar Star.  http://on.wsj.com/1kx6PG8

Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 13 Jan
State regulator: Environmental inspectors hadn't visited West Virginia chemical-spill site since 1991.  http://on.wsj.com/1hiBItc

Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 13 Jan
Pope Francis shifts tone on abortion, calling the practice "horrific" in "State of the World" address.  http://on.wsj.com/1gB8c0E

Timothy Aeppel ‏@TimAeppel 13 Jan
Most of the 800 U.S. counties that have regained all jobs lost in the recession are in the Midwest or South.  http://on.wsj.com/1ajPlD9 via @WSJ

Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 13 Jan
15 short films from Sundance that you can watch on YouTube:  http://on.wsj.com/1j3pyay

Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 21h
The new 10-euro note is designed so that it's harder to counterfeit. A look at the differences:  http://on.wsj.com/1hjVnc1

Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 16h
Behind-the-scenes look at Hong Kong remake of @Pharrell's "Happy" video:  http://on.wsj.com/1j4JPMM (Alex Ogle) pic.twitter.com/CM488O2uUk

NatashaBreretonFukui ‏@NatashaWSJ 17h
Which countries in emerging Asia are most exposed to capital outflows?  http://on.wsj.com/1eFgrcw

Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 15h
India beats polio, but problems still remain. Leading polio surgeon explains:  http://on.wsj.com/1j4yfRT pic.twitter.com/LlrrRnvdtB

Stefanie Ilgenfritz ‏@stefaniei 10h
This scarf from Sweden inflates into a bike helmet in a crash. It has a 'black box' data recorder. $546  http://on.wsj.com/1eEJNrz

Jennifer Smith ‏@smithjenBK 9h
How does this restaurant owner know where you live and how often you hit the gym? Your phone told him.  http://on.wsj.com/1gCu3om

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 9h
@LATenvironment~All CA residents are now seeing this serious career politician working his administrations magic 2 revitalize state$ deficit

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 9h
@LATenvironment~We do not agree with saving future surplus state $ for rainy day projects when there are hungry children across the state !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 9h
@LATenvironment~Apparently Governor Jerry Brown is "Terminating" the image of California being poorly run by it's state administration !

LA Times Environment ‏@LATenvironment 20h
Brown budget plan faulted on bullet train, teacher pensions  http://lat.ms/1cYrdZY

Dr. Stan Blade ‏@BioSolutionsCEO 11 Jan
A beautiful commercial from Alexander Keith's to #advertise their #hopseries. #Botany and light! #beer #ctv pic.twitter.com/SvECZ2ZwAp

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@StaciePettyjohn~Funny,we have to use copy & paste of all our Twitter tweets to Google,Yahoo,Bing & Aol 2 communicate w/USA public

Stacie Pettyjohn ‏@StaciePettyjohn 12 Jan
US Ambassador to #Russia uses twitter to bypass the hostile state controlled media & communicate w/Russian public  http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/moscow-ambassador-tweets-us-policy/2 ...

Jordan Fischbach ‏@fischinwater 13 Jan
El Nino could return soon. Good: poss. drought relief for CA next winter. Bad: record heat in 2014?  http://ow.ly/swVB4 via @EricHolthaus

Susan Marquis ‏@susanlmarquis 13 Jan
Toxic effect of environment on health & weight requires major change @DrDebCohen's A Big Fat Crisis @RANDCorporation  http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/a-big-fat-crisis-by-deborah-cohen ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@loudobbsnews @TedYoho @FoxBusiness~Will U.S.media ask NSA chief sleuth Keith Alexander how soon before Russia captured Greenpeace he knew ?

Lou Dobbs ‏@loudobbsnews 13 Jan
Top left activists & tech companies behind group hammering NSA surveillance. Congressman @TedYoho joins #LouDobbsTonight 7pm @FoxBusiness

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@SenatorHarkin @askgeorge~We dearly appreciate current & past Congressional representatives who have protected little American kids bellies

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@SenatorHarkin @askgeorge~Apparently,there are many elected folks in the Peoples U.S. Congress that still only walk the walk for lobbyist$..

Tom Harkin ‏@SenatorHarkin 13 Jan
.@askgeorge: a great progressive voice who made it his life's work to fight for policies that benefit kids & families  http://1.usa.gov/1aXKS9o

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Tens of billion$ USA Tax$ 4 foreigners & 17 million hungry little USA kids pray nightly 4 food
 link to bit.ly

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Is Gov. John Kasich ahead of the GOP curve? Is Todd Portune for real? Ohio Politics Roundup  http://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2014/01/is_gov_john_kasich_ahead ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Ohio Governor Signs Pro-Life Legislation Into Law Despite Protests  http://shar.es/9MepF via @sharethis

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Ohio Governor John Kasich knows NASA never experimented with humans in space>McGuire is not a chimp !
 http://ti.me/1gAC9Oi via @TIME

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@YouTube~Ohio voters are blessed with a genuine inspirational
U.S. Governor who values all human life & walks the walk with Gods teachings.

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@YouTube~We have always supported this God Fearing hands>on Ohio Governor John Kasich & encourage others to also pray for this unique man !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@YouTube~We have complete faith everyone executed under Governor John Kasich's administration will never be inflicted with pain or suffering

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@YouTube~We have always known Ohio Governor John Kasich is a very special man our Lord has chosen to inspire others in & out of Government !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Years after this wrongful Texas murder~ execution,Attorney General Greg Abbott's demons want to execute Hank Skinner !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Sadly,Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott demons fool many in Texas about innocent & possible innocent executions
:  http://www.texasobserver.org/texas-observer-exclusive-dna-tests-undermin ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Dick Cheney told WSJ he gave this video 2 Governor Kasich>Witness to War: Ichiro Koyama:  http://youtu.be/ayb2yAtB3zs via @youtube

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Just heard from VP Dick Cheney who says he assured Ohio Governor John Kasich that Water>boarding is 10 times worse!
 http://rt.com/usa/ohio-death-row-air-hunger-434/#.UtQ4wjzszSY.twitter ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Kim Dotcom on TPP: Hollywood trying to control web, totally censor it RT Op-Edge:  http://rt.com/op-edge/kim-dotcom-keiser-report-531/#.UtQ3od5_zGs.twitter ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@HistoryInPix~Apparently not until public financed election$ ring~out nationwide in America,will our country start feeding our hungry kids*

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@HistoryInPix~It's quite obvious to most little Americans that our elite$ have us all on the run with their total control over Uncle Sam$..

History In Pictures ‏@HistoryInPix 13 Jan
A beggar running alongside King George V's coach. England, c. 1920 pic.twitter.com/MKY8cLJ69P

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@Liberationtech @eMichaelPower~We little Americans will never know how many were blackmailed by those using NSA data for busine$$..

Liberationtech ‏@Liberationtech 13 Jan
Value of NSA phone metadata program "minimal at best"  http://www.thewire.com/national/2014/01/heres-another-analysis-how-usele/ ... ht @eMichaelPower #privacy #surveillance

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
@GreenForAll~America's elites recently gave away $50 billion Internationally fighting AIDS & 17 million hungry U.S. kids pray nightly 4 food

Green For All ‏@GreenForAll 10 Jan
We're now looking at $9 billion in food stamp (SNAP) cuts. This attack threatens kids, seniors, & American values -  http://wapo.st/19eTLjw

GreenBiz ‏@GreenBiz 10 Jan
Demand response helps Texas avoid blackouts during cold snap  http://grn.bz/1iqxgc2

GreenBiz ‏@GreenBiz 10 Jan
Timberland, Seventh Generation take green chemistry mainstream  http://grn.bz/JNc7wC

GreenBiz ‏@GreenBiz 10 Jan
Gov. Cuomo commits $1 billion to New York solar  http://grn.bz/1iqxi3I

GreenBiz ‏@GreenBiz 13 Jan
New program helps GM, MillerCoors back up landfill-free claims  http://grn.bz/1lUq0aV

GreenBiz ‏@GreenBiz 13 Jan
Clean-tech venture investment's upward trend  http://grn.bz/1diYMHu

GreenBiz ‏@GreenBiz 13 Jan
McDonald's sustainable beef plans: Reactions  http://grn.bz/1diYPD0

Barron's ‏@barronsonline 15 Jul
Sunset at NY Philharmonic in Central Park . Presented by Didi and Oscar Schafer! pic.twitter.com/LveVrnVZHr

Barron's ‏@barronsonline 8 Jan
At CES, A Car Naviation System Tells Drivers to Take the Train  http://on.wsj.com/1dWFuaM
Retweeted by Hillary's Agenda*

Barron's ‏@barronsonline 11 Jan
Good news for drivers: relatively low gas prices for the next few weeks.  http://on.barrons.com/KbvMWH

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 13 Jan
Sadly,Career politician Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's actions differ from his election$ PR  http://www.examiner.com/article/greg-abbott-vows-to-make-texas-education ... via @examinercom

Earthjustice ‏@Earthjustice 7 Apr
AMAZING PIC: Baby African elephant discovers the joys of the savannah. Thanks  http://elephics.com ! pic.twitter.com/x6xB74VpAS

Earthjustice ‏@Earthjustice 26 May
Amazing and touching video about the incredible lives of the 17-year cicadas. Nature is simply breathtaking...  http://vimeo.com/66688653

Earthjustice ‏@Earthjustice 16 Oct
Amazing shot of shorebird by @DianeSmith2002 showing #reasonsweprotect our natural world. pic.twitter.com/r4ne0aPatJ #potd

Earthjustice ‏@Earthjustice 12 Jan
Time for bold climate action: first-ever carbon pollution standards for power plants just announced. Show support now  http://ow.ly/sqJKp

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 12 Jan
Former VP Dick Cheney says this You Tube video he found at Guantanamo Bay Cuba,is a propaganda piece.
 http://youtu.be/ayb2yAtB3zs via @youtube

✟ Bible Quotes ‏@BibleQuote365 12 Jan
I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light. -Mary Gardiner Brainard #quote

Kleopatra Aggelidi ‏@klaggelidi 12 Jan
"@PIEROFATICONI: @klaggelidi Welcome!-::) pic.twitter.com/k4xZGtrsxG"

Netherlands Embassy ‏@NLintheUSA 10 Jan
MT @RBekink: Peter Stuyvesant vs. the Quakers via @wsj.  http://on.wsj.com/JLpAVD

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 11 Jan
@BillFrezza~Billion$ are being stolen from USA tax$ by elites in foreign aid leaving America every year for charity that never arrives !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 11 Jan
@BillFrezza~Every1 knows our new USA society is filled with all sorts of various educated crooked citizens taking from Uncle $am in exce$$ !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 11 Jan
@HILLARYSAGENDA~Praise the Lord 4 preparing our President 4 caring about poorer forgotten citizens who have taken a back seat to foreign aid

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 11 Jan
@HILLARYSAGENDA~With 17 million hungry U.S. children praying nightly for food,we are not surprised their prayers would eventually be heard !

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 11 Jan
@HILLARYSAGENDA~If the International world received $50 billion in their fight against AIDS,how much do our own needy citizens deserve?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 11 Jan
@HILLARYSAGENDA~We applaud the targeted USA city aid program Washington DC is now spending on our own poorer citizens,rather than foreigners

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 11 Jan
President Obama lived on food stamps at 1 time in his life,so apparently God prepared him well 2 also help USA poor ?
 http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/DC-Decoder/2014/0109/Will-Obama-s-promise-z ...

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 10 Jan
@guardian~Frighteningt aspect of this,Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott still wants to execute Hank Skinner after his posse lost evidence*

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 10 Jan
@guardian~Ken Anderson hid court evidence & goes to jail & others in Texas lose~hide Hank Skinner's crucial DNA exoneration evidence ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 10 Jan
@guardian~Texas Judge Ken Anderson goes to jail for hiding evidence & Texas loses Hank Skinner DNA exoneration evidence & he gets executed ?

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 10 Jan
Texas prosecutor to serve 10 days for innocent man's 25-year imprisonment  http://gu.com/p/3k945/tw via @guardian

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat 10 Jan
Theory Of A Deadman - Does It Really Matter ( End The Slaughter ):  http://youtu.be/SSkXECL6M1c via @youtube

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat 10 Jan
Earthlings [Complete Movie] - Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix w/ soundtrack ...:  http://youtu.be/uEliPlTqkEk via @youtube

Hillary's Habitat* ‏@HillarysHabitat 10 Jan
Spain's Top Ten Museums  http://www.spain-holiday.com/Spain/articles/spains-top-ten-museums ... via @Spain_Holiday

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 8 Jan
We were just sent this video of this You Tube JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version):  http://youtu.be/zdMbmdFOvTs via @youtube

Hillary's Agenda* ‏@HILLARYSAGENDA 8 Jan
@HILLARYSAGENDA~U.S. Government never explained how an accused Canadian resident was sent to our enemy Syria t

20 minutes of agony 17.Jan.2014 11:57


Ohio just dosed a guy with the death needle yesterday- It took TWENTY MINUTES for him to die! Sorta like "Braveheart", wouldn't you say?