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Cheer Up! It's Groundhog Day (Feb. 2nd)! Winter Is Half-Over!

I don't protest in the stormy winter. Many heroic folks do, but not me. Even though I am a child of the Great North, I really do hate the cold. Should I feel guilty about this? I do feel slightly guilty. but not much. I am sorely tempted to bait you into thinking that you could make me feel more guilty but no I will not change.

But we have Groundhog Day half-way through the awful winter. So read all about the Groundhog Day Dirt Feast:
Recipe for a Groundhog Day "Dirt" Feast

Waste a little more time learning all about groundhogs:

How Are Groundhogs Connected To a Dying, 3,000 Year-Old Language?

You can never know too much about groundhogs. They will rule after we wipe ourselves out. But cheer up anyway hey, winter is half-over!