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Video: Canada's Tar Sands: Destination Anywhere? - Professor Ian Urquhart - WSU 2.6.14

Professor Ian Urquhart spoke and presented a slide show at WSU Vancouver on Feb 6th 2014 on the Tar Sands extractions going on in Canada.
Tar Sands Threats to the Northwest - Canada's Tar Sands: Destination Anywhere? WSU 2.6.14 Lecture by professor Ian Urquhart

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANtE6R8enJE [video 1 hour 45 minutes]

The lecture starts after a 4. 1/2 minute introduction. [The last 40 minutes in the video is a Q & A with the audience]

Did you know that the Northwest's fossil fuel exports pose emissions the equivalent of seven Keystone XLs? Or that we're gearing up to host hundreds more oil trains on our rails ever year—the same kind that exploded in Quebec last summer?

The greenest region of the country stands at a crossroads. Long recognized as a leader in sustainable solutions, it faces the prospect of becoming a gateway to Asian energy markets for unprecedented quantities of fossil fuels. Not only will these further exacerbate climate change, but they pose immediate risks to our communities of oil train explosions and coal dust and tar sands pollution.

Join WSU Vancouver's Center for Social and Environmental Justice as it hosts Ian Urquhart, associate professor of political science at the University of Alberta, Ian will discuss Canada's tar sands.

A FREE Public Lecture presented by WSU Center for Social and Environmental Justice:
This lecture will take place in the Dengerink Admin. Building, Room 110, and is open to the public. The lecture is followed by a 40 minute Question and Answer session. WSU Vancouver is located at 14204 N.E. Salmon Creek Ave

This same video is also available to view or download in a lower resolution (2.GB) on Archive (dot) org here:  https://archive.org/details/TarSandsThreatsToTheNorthwest-Wsu2.6.14LectureByProfessorIan

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