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REPRESENTING on 4-20! Artist's spontaneous actions prove inspiring

A phreaquey nut-artist REPRESENTS on 4-20! Including honoring John Trudell, the Oklevueha NAC, and Lakota matriarchy! A write-up of his little odessey that day.
THOUGHT there was supposed to be a HEMP celebration in the PDX area, specifically in Milwaukee on the river-front, on 4-20 (but i haven't been in town for a number of years), so i went (working to get into town by this date), and when i found i had been mistaken, REPRESENTED that delightful get-together (which i now realize is now held in the fall), this past Sunday! Carried some original art i made for John Trudell around while i loudly challenged the dog walker community at the park (they seemingly judging me as some crazy homeless type, due to my non-yuppie clothes (?)), to remember the excellent voices who USED TO gather there on that date! Voices which included Trudell.

Unfortunately, i had decided not to bring more of my artwork...But I did bring my copy of "Lakota Woman" (by Mary Crow Dog), and proceeded, in my "high" state (heh), to "share it" with all of the surveillance cameras (and other secret eyes, heh; i.e. private binoculars, et al, which are sure to be trained around town from time to time). Call me crazy, but hey, i am!

All turned out pretty damn good even if no fest was actually happening (i thought for awhile that it was happening informally in the adjacent woods!), as when i went into "surveillance camera player" mode down by the waterfront (expecting the cops to come at me at any moment during the action; so used to midwestern cop management i've become...). Promoting Crow Dog's book, basically, heh.

Having had a VERY provocative and clear dream about an Indigenous warrior who challenged me to do an enrichual (!) with him, i had in my heart the desire to honor Indigenous SPIRIT in SOME way there. Including honoring the Oklevueha Native American Church of which i'm a member.

After i got that out of my system (secretly wishing that fishing boats that looked like they had Indigenous folks in them, would see my promo, and come over for a chat or something), i switched gears and got into some pretty fun more general community/settler engagement on more general terms!

Such as addressing folks in a way that i've found can reach them informally (and move them beyond the apparent penchance for them to judge me as one of the Avoidables/homeless nuts; feel free to ask me what i mean by this).

And then promoting such things as:

A) That locals make floating signs (complemented with local kids' art!) that give warning to boats, etc. of low-flying geese and other water birds, who i noted tensely navigated their way between the semi-crowded boat traffic.

B) The value of locals making ALTARS on the various quite lovely (yet still hardly-seeable) trees along the shore. And challenging the city-centric will to label such as "litter" automatically.

On a related topic, awhile back for Earth Day, indymedia.org re-published my portland.indy article (which i promoted on my blog:  http://visionary4evolution.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/indymedia-org-picks-us-up/ ) promoting just this sort of thing in VARIOUS forests. You might enjoy reading it, since it, i think, inspires meaningful community AND the survival of forests beyond the confines of the logging industry!

Well, only when i decided to finally leave that old site for the hemp fest, did some ghost (?) "remind me" of the OTHER place that the fest had been held: Downtown under the freeway!

So i headed over there! And, while i didn't find any hemp fest, i DID find a BAND playing freely on the sidewalk! And when i shared a wild and crazy idea with them, they started playing excellent psychedelic music, which in turn inspired me to make some large original art!! (it's still in process as of this writing)

And then i got invited to a 420 celebration (free music again, plus free food!!!) up the street at a medical pot clinic! The band interestingly asked the audience to come up with names for the music they'd play, and they mixed my suggestion in with others, and again inspired me to come up with some more large original art!!!

So, even tho i never found out where the hempfest was (i guess it doesn't happen on 4/20 every year anymore, going on in September now...), i sure had a groovy time on my own!!

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