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Michigen TERF Fest and Emergence of Ex-Trans Movement

Michigan Womyns (sic) Music Fest starts today
Michigan Womyns (sic) Music Fest, the infamous orgy of TERF movement, began today despite strongly worded condemnations from all major LGBTQ organizations including the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Michigan.

This year, MWMF owner Lisa Vogel exploited the existence of newly emerged Ex-Trans organization and TERF puppet New Narratives as an excuse to continue her lifelong hate and continuation of her TERF business model excluding the world's most oppressed population that has ever existed on the history of planet earth.

This underlines the importance of stemming the tide of the so-called Ex-Trans movement and narratives. If Michigan TERF finds New Narratives a useful justification for their female supremacist diatribes, then the same Ex-Trans narratives will inevitably used by Republican Tea Party extremists to criminalize trans and gender non confirming folks, and by criminal defense lawyers in justifying violence and murder.

We will continue to investigate and expose every single member of New Narratives.

oh come ON. 09.Aug.2014 12:01


"..their female supremacist diatribes...."?!

The term TERF is misogynist. This entire article it's misogynist.

You're not making any allies here.