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Ted Nugent Was in Portland Tonight: Crickets

I found out just this evening that Ted Nugent was to play a concert here in PORTLAND. The Expo Center. Maybe it's just me, but I kind of thought that word of such a known, brazin, unapologetic low-life coming HERE would... I don't know, spread like wild fire? A handful of Native Aboriginal activists have noticed, but hardly anyone else it seems. Not a big deal, just has me wondering about the state of [so-called] Progressiveness in this town, is all.
I found out just this evening (Tuesday Aug. 5th) that Ted Nugent was to perform at the Expo Center, here. I was on my way home from work when I first heard about this - doors to Nugent's show would have opened before I was to get home. I immediately wondered (1) How is it possible that Ted Nugent can have a scheduled show here and NO word of it be mentioned more than a day in advance. (2) How is it that such an act even be allowed to perform here, HERE without there being a massive swell of physical protests abundant?

Of course, Nugent covers the full gamut in terms of sheer [White male] privileged assholery: his racism, xenophobia, Native mockery, pro-sport hunting, pro-fur, and pro-gun fanaticism (way beyond reason) being his most prominent calling cards. Oh, also that he's a statutory rapist as well as pro-war but a draft-dodger. This guy is David Duke with a guitar and cross-bow, but who in frozen-over Hell would let David Duke set foot here without a damned fight? The only reason I even found out he was here was due to a report on KBOO Evening News. And the report wasn't even about that specifically, but about a Native Rights group called Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry who had protested a recent free Flaming Lips show (apparently, that group's vocalist Wayne Coyne is a right-wing POS who's been known to prance around in Native Ceremonial head dress or Red Face). The report then lead into EONM's intentions to protest the Nugent show tonight.

Now my questions to this are, WHY would a Native Rights group be the ONLY people committing solid action here? Or is it just me being crazy and is Ted Nugent playing in the biggest venue in Portland really not THAT big of a deal? By slim chance if anyone actually has taken part in actions against Nugent tonight and you're reading this, please provide a post-report.

I know this is late, but again I'm just finding out. Just thought it was worth mentioning, is all. And Nugent's shows have been getting cancelled left and right in other cities. Why not here (it's happened to smaller bands over much less)?

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So Sad To Live On A Planet That Harbors A "Ted Nugent" 07.Aug.2014 10:02


What bought and paid for scum will fail to surface?

Ted Nugent can suck his own.

And I said so.

Video: Portland Office of Equity Human Rights & Ted Nugent in Portland 07.Aug.2014 15:57

Joe Anybody

video 6 min

Portland Office of Equity Human Rights & the issue of Ted Nugent in Portland, film out take from the monthly meeting on 8.6.14

Just Flush Down,Already 09.Aug.2014 05:43


We Would prefer that "Ted" Nugent just flush down like any normal piece of shit. Is that too much to ask?

Ted Nugent - a dumbass peckerwood 20.May.2016 13:37

gwai lo

Ted Nugent is a big mouth bigot, who will only shoot at anything that cannot shoot back. Even odds that he may be Trumps vice president, or some other bigoted scumbag!