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Zendik Farm Arts Ex-Cult Member Replicates Cult at Local Church Pastor Property

Ex-Cult member, Jason Lafoya, subjects it's tenants to the same exploits of Zendik Farm Arts at rented property in Portland. Presented is the letter written to the property owner, pastor, Mr. Richard Probasco. Instead of bothering to contact me at all, Probasco proceeded to visit the property when I wasn't there to speak to Mr. Lafoya and has chosen to turn a blind eye to his exploits, due to his monthly money flow being put in jeopardy.
From: Felix Madrid <********@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 4:58 PM
Subject: For Mr. Richard Probasco
To:  info@newsongpdx.com

Will you please forward this e-mail to Mr. Richard Probasco or have it printed so he can read it and to be kept confidential.

Mr. Probasco,

My name is Felix Madrid. I currently live at what I believe is your property at 270 NE South Shore. You currently have Jason Stratton in charge of it. Though Jason Stratton was the name given to me by him, after conducting a background search on him with a police officer, his real name is Jason Lafoya but gives false names to prospective tenants that he will rent to in order to conceal his status as a sex offender.

From my research and from Jason's admission as well, he was charged with statutory rape which indirectly caused him to move to New Orleans where he met a cult named Zendik Farms and joined them, moving around the country for many years selling propaganda consisting of T-Shirts and magazines to afford that cult leader's property and he was subject to their exploits.

Jason is currently trying to replicate this now as a leader with his 'South Shore Collective' organization on your property. See: southshorecollective.org. It initially appears innocent on the surface to draw in prospective tenants. But once in the property if one does not cater to his demands he will use it as grounds to illegally kick people out. For example my situation. After refusing to go along with his plot to profit from selling magazines he has in print he proceeded to scold me at this property and proceeded to tell me to move out because I refused to be exploited by him. I have come to find out this is a recurring happening at your property over the years. If one does not go by his agenda to make him money selling his magazines, you are not allowed to stay there. Basically you are in the cult fully committed or he will kick you out. He goes so far as to expect people here to quit their 'normal' lives, their jobs, everything to be only here.

I moved in here July 2014 and am in the process of moving out by the end of this month after being kicked out by him for not letting myself be subject to his atrocious behavior. During my stay here he has kicked out and humiliated 3 other people as well and has intimidated everyone else trying to defy his orders. At one point he brought in a buddy of his as he forced everyone into a 'house meeting' to stand in the military at-ease pose as he proceeded to intimidate others with his demands. I've come to find out through others that he has wrongfully kicked out many other tenants over the years and I definitely feel he will continue on this unethical rampage with other innocent victims falling into the trap of 'South Shore Collective'.

He is a crooked man, a con artist who is always paranoid. He hardly leaves the house and rarely comes out of his room. If he drives somewhere it is only in the immediate area and for further driving he has other tenants drive him around.

He has a few RVs illegally parked here that make him extra money aside from the room rentals to enable him to live without working. When I first moved here, the place was in deplorable conditions. There was overpiling trash in front of the house. It seemed like it was accumulated for many months, over a year maybe. Out of my good nature I helped take care of that. It took 2 big truck loads to get rid of the excessive trash accumulated. I also cleaned a good portion of the inside of the house as it has been terribly neglected.

All he does is smoke weed all day and exploits others on the property through intimidation, coercion, and lies. He presents himself as having a good image but that is far from the truth.

All he cares about is making money from others and getting high. Currently he has about six plants of marijuana growing inside of a shed that he keeps locked.

Now, I am simply writing you this as a victim of his con game concerned about it because it causes a lot of heart-ache for others. He professes helping out the homeless, yet constantly puts people at risk of being homeless by kicking them out if they do not do as he dictates. He is a hypocrite at best.

I attempted to reach you by phone to no avail. I would like to meet with you in person to discuss this and also provide you references of people who have lived here who can vouch for what I am writing. That I am not making it up, that it is fact.

Feel free to contact me at (503) ***-**** or e-mail back. There has to be an end put to these injustices because if not, innocent people are being manipulated into a madhouse run by a crooked man, making their lives extremely stressful and hostile.

My time here has been so unpleasant here and for others that I needed to reach out to you. I came to find out about you through a rental application for a place I might be renting a room from once I leave here. I put Jason as my current landlord and they notified me that he was not the property owner and asked if I had any information on what they presented as you and your wife it appears.

I would appreciate not having this discussed with Jason until I am safely out of the property by the end of this month as he will immediately suspect it was me that revealed all and have no idea just what this man is capable of. He is extremely cunning, unethical and dangerous to the well-being of many.

Best regards.


Article Addendum:

Presented here is a live link (as of 08/23/2014) to how people are 'baited' into the 'cult' I am referring to in the forwarded messages:


Presented here is a post from an online blog of Zendik Farm Arts that reveals inner-workings. This is what Jason Lafoya lived through and is fiercely determined to achieve:


2003 reference 24.Aug.2014 14:20

Felix Madrid

Just found this written by Mr. Lafoya written in 2003! It reveals the attempts to sell his "magazines" and his inspiration from Zendik.


More About Felix Madrid 28.Aug.2014 11:24

South Shore Collective

We had a woman living here that has mental issues although we hardly ever see it. She has been with us for around a year and everyone loves her like a little sister.Felix, staying rue to his sociopathic self attempted to destroy and leave her homeless. Felix maliciously took advantage of her mental state and manipulated her by saying they would rent a nice place and got her to move out at the beginning of this month.
The problem with sociopaths is they have no feelings, they cannot love so when Felix thought he adequately destroyed our friend he left her hanging and basically threw her out like garbage. We seen this coming but Felix had her so twisted up we had to let her go so it would just play out.
knowing Felix's lies were crumbling we reached out to our friend and she is back.
She will be making a statement here soon.
Again, we're posting Felix's picture to protect people from his twisted sociopathic personality.

Please Expand While Discussion 20.Sep.2014 13:55


This man continues to harrass Felix even though he has moved out and let the situation go. He wants nothing to do with this anymore but yesterday I found an outrageous post on craigslist trying to accuse Felix of heinous things. As a lawyer and good friend of Felix, I notified Felix on my finding but he wasn't concerned. I am. The posting has been deleted but luckily I snapped screenshots. Under Oregon law, what was written about Felix constitutes harassment punishable by prison and a fine. There is nothing I can do without Felix pressing charges. But he might change his mind.
In any case. Beware of this man, Jason J Lafoya.

Please Expand Whole Discussion 20.Sep.2014 14:49


correction on title on my comment.

Like I said beware and please view entire discussion by clicking 'view discussion from this article'.

You be the judge.

Please Expand Whole Discussion 20.Sep.2014 15:35


Jason continues to harass Felix by posting publicly false heinous statements in the public sphere of craigslist. Mr. Madrid has been advised of being able to press criminal if he chooses so due to the severity of the offense posted on craigslist. The post is being kept on file as evidence to file a suit under Oregon's harassment laws should Mr. Madrid pursue it.
Here is a mug of the once actually convicted criminal, Jason J Lafoya. Beware of real criminals.

Please Expand Whole Discussion 20.Sep.2014 15:35


Jason continues to harass Felix by posting publicly false heinous statements in the public sphere of craigslist. Mr. Madrid has been advised of being able to press criminal if he chooses so due to the severity of the offense posted on craigslist. The post is being kept on file as evidence to file a suit under Oregon's harassment laws should Mr. Madrid pursue it.
Here is a mug of the once actually convicted criminal, Jason J Lafoya. Beware of real criminals.

HITS HOME 22.Sep.2014 01:52


"What is the one thing a sociopath does not want other people to know? The truth. More specifically, sociopaths do not want the truth about them to be known as they are insecure, malicious, and devious people. Beyond being embarrassed by the truth of their behaviors and thoughts, they have a deathly fear of being exposed and rejected. That's in large part because they use lies, manipulations, and distortions to control other people and get what they want. If others were to know about their true nature, they...would lose the support networks of malicious minions they control and incite to abuse other people. Therefore sociopaths have a strong motivation to attack, discredit, harass, and ruin anybody who presents arguments and facts that might tend to raise questions and doubts about their behaviors and their false statements."

Props to Felix! Great work man on writing this, and your comments debunking LaFoya's lies. Just excellent man. I've dealt with sociopaths in my past myself and they just manipulate others, just like here where I'm sure this guy had his "minions" into making these bullshit comments. Nothing but fake sugarcoating concealing pure bullshit. Positive he reached out to them to create this obviously failed "cloak" of goodness. One thing I've learned is that sociopaths are experts at blaming others. Which totally makes sense for why he would immediately try to mold an impression about you since he has been exposed. Cheers buddy!

For the Keen Observer 24.Sep.2014 03:25


Felix here again. I wanted to post a couple observations about the comments left against me. Notice the ones falsely accusing me of things are posted as the author being 'South Shore Collective' and not one person as a normal comment would usually be posted. The author tried to make it seem like someone else was speaking in Jason's defense but slips up in key parts and begins to write as an 'I' that is evidential as Jason writing. Notice also how in one there is a consistent 'we' format. But others toggle from 'we' to 'I' in the same comment. It is a subtlety that is very telling of something inconsistent, as if manipulated and not natural. It is very likely given the content specified in them that Jason typed it all, referring to himself in the 3rd person only to fail the consistency and end up writing himself as the 1st person in same comments. Notice also a similarity in how when a new paragraph begins, there is no space between them throughout comments authored by 'South Shore Collective' and the one by 'Nate'. It is highly likely these comments all have the same person authoring them...Jason most likely. It wouldn't surprise me given the dishonesty exuded by Jason while I lived there.

Also the comment left by 'Ronnie Jex' begins to write in ALL caps the title and author name....only to proceed to write the entire body in lower case letters, purposely avoiding caps after using them entirely. Who does that? Only someone being careful. Kind of fishy.

My Picture and about Alma 24.Sep.2014 03:54


And oh yea. My picture used in the comments lying about me could not have been posted unless accessed through the only computer that picture was left in which was Jason's personal computer IN his room. I don't have pictures of me publicly available online. I don't use facebook or anything of the sort. That picture was sent to Jason directly and downloaded from an e-mail I sent to him on his computer for the use of a short bio about me in his magazines that he sells. It was for a page introducing the members of SSC to those who buy the magazines. There would be no other valid reason for anyone else to have a copy of that picture unless of course shared by Jason himself which would only prove the lengths of how crooked he can be. That picture had never left the phone I took it on from which I e-mailed it to Jason. It only exists on my cell phone, the e-mail sent, and on Jason's computer. Which is even more incriminating for a post recently made on craigslist trying to tarnish my actual good reputation. It is all tied to him and only to him.

One last note about his claims that I tried to 'destroy' the lady (Alma) with mental issues. She supposedly backed him up by posting her comment with 'Anonymous' as the author. In it she claims I left her homeless which she never was because hello! I helped her move to her boyfriend's (Tim) place when she couldn't tolerate Jason's shit anymore. Should this all be taken to court she would be lying under oath (which has serious consequences as perjury), given the fact Tim was witness to the actuality of it all. Like I said before, TRUTH WILL REIGN.

Reality vs. Deception 24.Sep.2014 04:37


Also. Every single person who supposedly put their name in the author field of their comment has no qualms with me. Even after reading those comments posted and continuing to see them in person at the collective, they certainly didn't act any way towards me the way those comments written would have someone acting in the presence of the person they are trying to bring down. Negative feelings would be projected. But it never happened. If anything, they only appeared to feel awkward about the situation which would be appropriate if they were manipulated into writing against someone who has never done anything wrong to them and only done good for them.

Very suspect indeed about how those comments ended there, either through clever manipulation of those people or straight up dishonesty. Jason's impulsive nature of false accusations will in the end only work against him as it reveals clearly the very things in him he doesn't want you to see. He has severely underestimated my intense devotion to Truth and Clarity. This only reinforces the validity of the actual letter to the property owner that I'm sharing here and there is no way to hide it as these comments cannot be altered or taken down once posted. Maybe if he wasn't sociopath himself he wouldn't have been so impulsive in spewing out such false vile things about me. Sorry man, can't delete this now. I can only hope this DOES go to court now as he has fucked himself and I've been keeping ample documentation of things tied to this ordeal along with valid testimony/witnesses that would not help his case at all should he lie in court. I have nothing to fear. Let Justice be served with the sweetest dessert.

And if you don't quit Jason 24.Sep.2014 19:43


Rojo is gonna take care of you!

This has been going on for years. 04.Oct.2014 23:49

Former tenant of 270 NE South Shore Road, Portland

He's escalated since I lived there briefly a few years ago. He appears to be even more out of control now. He used to just con people out of security deposits and bill money, which he demands in cash, scaring them into leaving or evicting them for no reason after a couple of months tenancy. He also sold two cars that were "left behind" by two different tenants, their belongings still inside (the Zendik cult was infamous for that, but at least they told new members that they were giving up their property). Being a member of Zendik, which actually rejected him and his music, never left him, and his time there damaged a brain already obviously suffering from paranoid schizophrenia (he talks to people who aren't there, which is probably why he spends so much time in his room). The owner of the property, Probasco, is the Pastor of New Song Community Church and has known about this for years. He knows he's renting to a convicted felon, a rapist, who committed this crime repeatedly on a barely teenaged girl during a long meth spree. But year after year, people with high hopes come to Portland and get caught in his web. Good for you, Felix. Brave of you to post this warning.

Lies and more lies by Felix Madrid... 02.Feb.2015 06:27

Enough is enough..

Just let it go already Felix Madrid!

Felix Madrid's lies continue.. 02.Feb.2015 06:30


Rubbish, just plain rubbish I say. I lived at the property mentioned by this psycho, Felix Madrid. I never saw Jason intimidate, coerse, or threaten anyone at the house. It was the other way around. Most of the tenants were great upon moving in, but later became verbally abusive, to me and Jason, which progressed into passive aggresive behavior seen and witnessed by me, Jason and the rest of the "happy" tenants that still remain there with no problems.

This Felix Madrid has clearly taken this to the extreme just because he didn't get his way. So, just like a child he doesn't get his way and throws a tantrum, creating lies that are only generated by his own fears...get over it Felix Madrid!!!

You Got Me! 08.Feb.2015 15:27


Bwahaha alright "Sean".

You got me. I am a psycho! Watch out for me! Psycho on the loose! Now everyone lets get the record straight once and for all. Jason would never hurt anyone! He is an angel. And I was just so...*jealous*. If you ever met a meth head you could trust. Jason is it! Against all odds.

Boo hoo hoo. Jason still feeling hurt that someone had the balls to speak up? Jason suffering the consequences of people googling him and finding the proof of this criminal fronted organization?

Your organization is doomed. Face it loser! Anything associated with your name will never be reputable. Why? Because your record will always be your shadow.

I can't believe I let you affect me the way you did and took you so seriously. You're not worth taking seriously.

Can't wait for the next fake comment from you. Now that I'm healed from this ordeal. I honestly anticipate how you will next try to "bring me down".

Don't keep me waiting! I miss you. You're the best!

PS. I'm attaching a few of my songs for you. Enjoy!

Like Jay Ram 05.Apr.2015 16:12


Jason reminds me of Jay Ram. Not entirely exactly the same but the concept is similar. Man puts himself in self-ordained authority to manipulate his surroundings and others. Reading through this and all the comments, there is similarity in how those who were dumb enough to be duped by Ram's charismatic image and seemingly-generous disposition, those people who didn't witness the wrong-doings were stupid enough to come forward in his defense. This is a technique that allowed Ram to evade trouble concerning his affairs at his home. Do your dirty deeds with those in your closed quarters. His carefully laid out front as a "nice communal guy" worked to his advantage, should he ever get in trouble. His own victims so brainwashed and trained in exactly how to respond, should trouble be surfacing. When people depend on you for basic survival, people will be at a cross-roads. This is no different. Jason sounds like the kind of man that will unrighteously villify anyone with enough of a brain to pull the rug from under him.

Felix had shared with me some e-mails from others who have gone through the ordeal of being smart enough to see through the bull. They found this exact article and seemed to be relieved to be able to communicate and relate to someone else having shared the same experience through this organization. It is very easy to sense in some e-mails the damage done to those as well. Provided in some e-mails were court documents in regards to his dealings with authorities from the root cause of his current position. The meth-binge that carved the way for losing control and being stuck in the current position. I mean in a way, I kind of feel for Jason. A pretty bad mistake led his life to spiral down in a dark way. But you know, the thing is you could be investing your efforts to really redeem yourself instead of continuing to screw others. But this is where you gotta take a little pity on the man. Certain drugs will destroy your brain in certain ways that don't allow you to function normally anymore. I'm no professional, but it can be seen what effects might occur from heavy abuse of substances, like a delusional and paranoid outlook. I suspect this is the case for Jason. I also suspect this is the reason why Felix isn't taking this seriously anymore and is just brushing it off. You can't really be too hard on someone that might be afflicted by the results of brain-damage. To fight fair, it's gotta be fair. It was said somewhere in these comments, survival-mode. That is where Jason is due to his limitations. Any threat of his organization being compromised will be met with unfair attacks. Where else would he go at this point, what else would he do at this point? This is important for his survival and for it to go the way he intends and not have it taken away from him, he has to be a dick to keep people in check. His whole life is this. Where others could deal with the loss of it easily and rebuild, this isn't the case for Jason.

My personal conclusion from being on the "in" with Felix is that Felix really isn't concerned with getting "even" with Jason. He seemed to have been frustrated and disappointed that Richard Probasco did not even have the decency to look into the situation with no bias. That's the root of this. To find a way to prevent innocent people being shit on by someone who might not even know the degree of his damage to others.

I feel everyone deserves forgiveness where the effort is made. Felix has disclosed to me he has wholly forgiven Jason and could care less what might be said at this point from him, as clever as Jason might try to be. There is a pattern that is occurring due to this publication. People who go through South Shore Collective will be researching it more once it is realized the place was nothing like it was presented. These people have been reaching Felix at the e-mail he provided in this article and will continue to do so with their own questions and experiences. In a way, it is fostering more and more strength to come together and find a way to close this place down for good.

In all likelihood, it is probably not happening through Felix's effort. It seems this is more a fair warning to the public to beware of the shady happenings within here should they be contemplating moving in here. Felix isn't interested in this any more. But given enough time, this sounds like a situation where the demise will come through Jason's own hand. The pressure and anxiety builds to a point. And to relay, Felix has said he's glad for one thing through this place. That the people who remain there at least have a place to live and are not homeless.

Read about Ram here:  https://news.vice.com/article/an-alleged-pedophiles-perfect-scam

For some reason this is something common but kept so hushed in our society. Whether the victims are children or adults it happens in environments that are far from suspicion until it is too late and something happens. It happens in fake guru/student situations. It is similar. Leader/worker type of situation. Most people never realizing the damage that is happening until completely out of the environment.

I hope my expanded insight provides an objective basis for those stumbling on this. Do your research! Look into people. We live in an age where things can't be as hidden anymore. Don't be afraid to speak up and come together. Stick to facts and specific situations. My emphasis here is this a disheartening type of situation for those involved with this organization as it's leader, Jason isn't really fit to be running this in my own opinion. I believe in serving the community. But those fit to lead these things are no less than benevolent leaders. Something that unfortunately an unstable mind like Jason's realistically can't accomplish. More damage will result, the tracks have proven that thus far with the others who have come forward and shared their personal stories to Felix.

There is this almost inherent thing in most people to want to think that they know better and somehow dismiss things easily. Think people! How would you feel, should your daughter, son, brother, sister, mother or anyone close to you endure such an unstable person? You would want the doorway to this removed wouldn't you to prevent re-occurrences.

May the light shine through you all.I'm proud of Felix. He lives his life in the most unassuming way and stands up for the underdog where he can.

Lady who now lives in Seattle who e-mailed me 05.Apr.2015 19:00


Wow. So my friend just notified me of his comment here. I agree with him that some pity should be taken on Jason due to his mental instability through drug use which initially caused his legal troubles and propelled Jason to his association to Zendik and so on to present day.

But you know. Having read that article on vice on Jay Ram made me realize how it's better to perhaps prevent any further damage on others. People stayed quiet in the case of Jay Ram and paid for that.

Seeing there are credible journalists interested in this kind of thing has reignited me. Staying quiet enables wrong-doing.

This comment is for a lady who e-mailed me last year from Seattle sharing her interest in working with me. I have lost your contact. I went back to Texas to spend time with my family for some months and came back to Portland in February.

Please e-mail me again as perhaps there might be a possibility of compiling a credible article with professional help.

I mentioned to you a slight interest but felt discouraged since I was leaving to be with relatives and friends in TX. I felt making an official case against Jason might be more challenging being far. I'm interested in working with you in scouting past tenants to share their experiences.


Dept. of Justice? 05.Apr.2015 20:47


Glad to see I inspired you to take further action in aims to prevent regrettable things. Check this out from the collective's Facebook feed: 'Today we register with the Oregon Dept. of Justice. We urge anyone who would donate or even support any organization that proclaims to be helping the homeless, victims of police abuse or any other advocate group to first search for that organization through the Dept. of Justice. Once we are on this list we will be launching our first fundraiser. http://www.doj.state.or.us/charigroup/pages/searchcharities.aspx ' Can you believe that? This organization that has used donated money for drugs trying to convince the public of being reputable. If enough people come out and speak of their experiences, an awareness can be created to shed light on what happens at the property housing the group. Good luck in finding the right connection to a credible journalist to be taken seriously as this could prevent people losing their donations to unethical practices and of course preventing the exploitation of those ending up in this group. I thought you might find that piece by Andrew Glazer of interest. His twitter says tips can be e-mailed to his Vice account.

Zendik Farm Justice Foundation 05.Apr.2015 22:01


Also Felix,

The best way to get an accurate story is to first get the background on Jason through people who know him better through past associations.

Family might help. There might be bias but worth probing. Kathy Lynn Lafoya, Fred D. LaFoya, Jeffrey David LaFoya, Branden D LaFoya. I believe mostly in Riverton, WY.

In regards to people who might know Jason from his Zendik years try getting names from comments left here:

 https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=235198787252&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fpages%2FZendik-Farm-Justice-Foundation%2F235198787252 - a Kord Staley might be a good start.

Should a journalist need some leads...hopefully that helps.

 http://sexoffenders.ehawaii.gov/sexoffender/resources/A0179381__QA.pdf - his conviction

Thanks 06.Apr.2015 01:36


Thanks to everyone who has supported me publicly or reached out to me. I kinda forgot about this for a bit but I feel thrust back in suddenly with more motivation to investigate this more deeply by connecting with any people linked to SSC.

I looked at the Department of Justice for Oregon online. From what I gather it seems certain organizations have to register their charity. Well this will make things interesting considering the following written on the DOJ site..

Investigation & Enforcement

The Section investigates and takes legal action in matters involving misuse of charitable assets, misleading charitable solicitations and breaches of fiduciary duties by officers, directors and trustees of charities. These investigations derive from a variety of sources, including financial reports filed with DOJ, whistleblower complaints and information from outside sources.


At this point my focus will be maintaining contact with past residents, future ex-residents, and having this exercised...


Well shit! Something new to learn everyday. Funny thing is they have attempted fundraisers before even being recognized legally as the entity known as South Shore Collective. So before even being recognized legally South Shore Collective tenants were participating in soliciting donations.

To quote DOJ

"Only give to registered charities. In order to solicit for donations in Oregon, most charitable organizations must be registered with the Oregon Department of Justice. Before you give, check our database or call (971) 673-1880 to confirm that the organization is properly registered."

All this feedback has been enlightening.

Nothing stays 08.Apr.2015 15:45


I'm unsure that I could or couldn't care less or more about everyone I do or don't know.

Attention Indymedia 18.Apr.2015 10:26


Important message has been sent to the following on behalf of original author: < pdx-imc@resist.ca>, < imc-portland-requests@lists.indymedia.org>

Time sensitive. Please read as soon as possible.

Investigation 17.Sep.2015 12:51

Ex Guest Volunteer at SSC

There are suspected bodies buried in the backyard of SSC. An investigation will ensue after being informed that SSC was left in possession of two vehicles of people whom had mysteriously disappeared.

SSC sold those vehicles having possession of the keys to those cars that did not belong to them.

If you are having current problems with SSC please don't take it upon your own self. Contact local authorities.

There has been a private group enlisted to investigate activities related to theft and Meth as well.

It is well advised for Richard Probasco as well to investigate on his own as there is the potential for being held liable after ignoring past tenants and should prepare himself to deal with the findings.

re: Investigation 29.Sep.2015 15:41

ex roommate of jason

It never made any sense to me why two different people from two different states would suddenly leave both of their cars behind with their clothes in them. It also never made any sense why Jason, a man who doesn't even recycle, would insist that two gardening plots, side by side in the back yard, be used for composting. Do the math. I wish I had. He's a convicted felon and a drug addict who is capable of anything.

UPDATE: LaFoya finally lost the rented compound. 21.Dec.2015 04:38

former victim

Felix Madrid was right. And brave. But the very harmful Jason LaFoya (sometimes Stratton?) keeps moving on... Be careful.

Is Jason flat out stupid? 21.Dec.2015 15:05


Still feels the need to defend he has done nothing wrong but and is this angel about to change the world and make miracles! Still going on that someone else is the problem. Not him. If it's not this person, it's that person. There will always be someone else for Lafoya to blame. That's all that fuels this. Blaming someone else.

Guess Lafoya just simply can't see himself in the mirror.

from their facebook:

"We had to shut down in pdx.
The why of that is complicated yet simple.
While the mission of SSC was to become a people's corporation getting people to help was impossible while collecting sociopaths and haters seemed all to easy.
The best way to debunk the sociopaths like Mr. Madrid was to shut down completly and relaunch without the help of others. At all.
SSC was never about a commune or a community it just happened that we had a house on a bit of land and decided to include people living there.
What we were trying to accomplish was the creation of a People's Corporation that placed the people and environment first.
This is what we intend to do.
This time though, in order to prevent sociopaths and narrcicists from invading the project there will be no inclusion of any outside people other than paid vetted professionals. There will also be no fundraising as we are now completly self funding.
We are also no longer in the state of Oregon and we now have legal representation that will address the past criminally malicious libel accusations vigorously until complete resolution.
We will relaunch by summer of 2016, better, stronger and in our new location."

What a delusional man.

He's probably still there and posted disinformation to Facebook. 09.May.2016 18:55


The property has not been sold. Probasco is still the last purchaser, almost 15 years ago. Jason would only get kicked out if Probasco wanted to sell it. It is not and has not been on the market.