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Video: Tiny Houses for the Homeless

Housing should be a human right and yet is often subverted by the right to speculation. This video of Opportunity Village in Eugene Oregon shows what citizens like Pastor Bryant of the First Christian Church can do. Arnold Kunzli is an emeritus Swiss professor and author of Housing as a Human Right
The cost comes down to three dollars a night per person, and one of those three dollars is paid by the villagers themselves. They all pay thirty dollars a month for their utilities, for the water, and electricity and Internet service even. So we are running this facility for two bucks a head a night.

Individual units don't have electricity, but that's a small problem for people who have been sleeping in dark, shadowy places. People like Robin.

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Video: Michael Withey Tiny Houses presentation to Human Rights Commission 14.Oct.2014 15:12

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

A presentation on a "small house community" in Portland was given to the Portland Human Rights Commission in April 2014 by Michael Withey.

The presentation was recorded and is viewable on YouTube here:
 http://youtu.be/pawRPWfW-f4 (31 minute video)

If you google search the words: "tiny houses portland michael withey" there is a few articles on this local tiny house community topic.