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Canadian Security Intelligence Service Harassment.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service Harassed
And Committed An Act of Violence On My Person.
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service Harassed
And Committed An Act of Violence On My Person.

By Lloyd Hart

From the time I arrived in Toronto to the day I left I was under constant harassment from CSIS operatives. It seemed they were constantly attempting to provoke me into physical confrontations which turned out to be impossible as these confrontations were escalated to ridiculous heights of verbal abuse completely out of context of normal Canadian discourse by the agents and some informants themselves revealing the state's hand in these almost daily incidents.

When I first arrived in Toronto I began campaigning for Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow who I have always had immense respect. I was campaigning two to three days a week while I looked for work. I must have put out over a hundred resumes promoting my construction management but got no call backs in the middle of a building boom in Toronto. Even when I asked for organizing work from the Carpenters union in Toronto they made it clear I was hired but then never called me back and never returned my phone calls. When I was running out of money I applied for social services and began using social services employment services but still no call backs. Even when through net working with developers and contractors that wanted to hire me on the spot never called me back nor returned my phone calls.

To keep going in Toronto I sold my music gear in hopes of getting a place to live but no matter where I applied to rent studio apartments I got no call backs. It was lucky that I had converted my van into a temporary camper, so I always had a secure place to sleep.

Considering the size of my CSIS file and the fact that I exposed the Atomic Energy Of Canada LTD of having exposed my father George William Hart to enough radiation to kill him which happen in August of 1980 and having been harassed by the CSIS then I began to see a familiar pattern. At the same time that I pointed out how my father died in the Canadian media working for Atomic Energy of Canada I was also conducting a hunger strike protesting the resumption of uranium mining in British Columbia. Having learned that our family were under surveillance by the RCMP Special Branch when I was eight as a result of my father coming to our house complaining to my brother and showing my brother RCMP Special Branch collected evidence of his minor pot dealing and so-called sorted love life needless to say I have a lot of experience "Watching the Detectives." In reality my brother had simply embraced the Hippie life style as we all did but clearly the morons at the RCMP Special Branch did not approve.

The act of violence that targeted me and how I ascertained CSIS was behind the attack was that the attacker that knocked me out was still there after I came to and said certain things that would alert anyone to . The attacker was talking to me pretending to be concerned as I came out of it. I asked if I was bleeding any where and responded "No." Having played hockey for years I knew I had a pretty good concussion and my left ankle was stinging. I opened my eyes and asked where my glasses were. He gave me my glasses, helped me up and explained that he was riding his bicycle when he smashed into me as I came out from in front of my truck into the street none of which I remember and seemed quite innocent.

The thing that alerted me to this chap's agency with the CSIS was that he began telling me that he and his friends had shut down the entire western half of the Trans Canada pipeline by using incendiary devices at a pumping station in Alberta. I remember saying how much I support urban cycling and how Critical Mass in the US is awesome and how ironic it was as a life long environmentalist to get run down by a bicycle in Toronto. We started talking about environmental activism which gave him context to bring up his and his friends sabotage of the Trans Canada pipeline. I began thinking - why would this guy share with a perfect stranger that he had committed a serious crime. He also started talking about a squat where he was staying trying to get me interested in it. I realized then I had better get away from this person as that moment might only be the beginning of an ensnarement that could lead to my demise or incarceration. At some point in our conversation I gave this person my business card for construction consulting. I finally felt good enough to drive again and excused myself to get back in my van and the cyclist got back on his bike and took off. It was then I realized I had a pretty good impact wound on my left ankle so it took me a few minutes to get going after I slapped some aloe and a quick gauze bandage from my first aid kit on it.

When I finally did get going I drove down the same street in the direction the cyclist went and soon spotted the cyclist stopped and talking to someone while both of them stared down at what looked like my business card. Neither of them looked up as I passed as the cyclist's back was facing the street. The person who the cyclist was talking to was clearly well dressed with a crew cut. The fact that it took me ten or fifteen minutes to dress my wound and get going and the fact the cyclist was only two blocks down the street talking to this guy while looking at my card made me think hmm. The cyclist had long hair and a beard, seriously worn clothing and a crap bike which would lead anyone to think this guy is living an alternative life style but in the world of environmental activism us activists are constantly plagued by state sponsored not so deep cover agents.

Another incident late in the evening had me trapped in the men's room in the beach house at the beach volley ball courts down at the lake by a group of six men who were unusually focused on and engaging me in conversation when one of them whom had entered last began nodding at the others after he took a good look at me and a look at the entrance. They were slowly encircling me up against the wall with clear mal-intent in their eyes when someone they didn't seem to recognize came in at which point I quickly cut through the men and left the beach house. At any rate the harassment was an almost daily occurrence and when CSIS realized I caught onto their tactics I changed up my pattern.

At some point they seemed to give up but then there would be other characters who would pop up and show there hands with in conversation by trying to get me to say things that might be used against me. One individual even offered me help in going "under ground" into hiding. To which I declined.

On the first day I spent in Toronto one chap in a café in Kensington market attempted to cheerlead me into violent attacks on the Canadian government to which I replied " Canada only requires another election with the Conservative government sitting at 26% approval. America already blew it's wad by orchestrating the robo call fraud in the last Canadian election"

Clearly someone does not want me to settle back in Canada and run for Parliament as I have been thinking about as I have stated I would like to do. But whoever was behind this extraordinary harassment at CSIS I will make them answer for it when I finally get a hold of CSIS file.

In the meantime I would suggest that my fellow Canadians who believe in freedom and liberty attempt to rein the CSIS into the bounds of the Canadian constitution before Harper completes the task of turning Canada into the 51st state.

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Canadian government is seriously going after civil rights 29.Oct.2014 14:25

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BTW, Lloyd Hart has been posting here for years under his real name. I'd much sooner believe him than a bunch of anonymous trolls with nothing useful to say.