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Portland Ferguson Protests

Inquiry question about Weds Nov 26 protest. Is it on? Does anyone know? Or did I see inaccurate info that meant to be talking about Tues Nov 25?

Does anyone know if the Weds, Nov 26 protest is confirmed? There's a facebook event page about it. Portland Ferguson Protest. However . . . some info on the facebook page seemed to be outdated. For example, the Grand Jury's decision had not yet been announced, at the time it was posted. Did the organizer mean to say Tues Nov 25? Did it change to Tues Nov 25?

I am aware that yesterday (Tues, 11/25) were the 2 major Portland area protests. If anyone has info on today, please reply to this! THANK YOU!

Just make sure to bring some Nails with you for the Retreat 26.Nov.2014 21:33

Tracy Mapes

They work on Cars and men with Funny Uniforms. Disabled Cars become Road Blocks.

It couldn't be more cheap and cost effective. :)

Aluminum Nails would be nice! Because they can't be picked up with a Magnet.

But Fuck it. Once You Drop them it's Their Problem. Just Drop and Watch the Fun Begin!

You walk away unharmed and free to enjoy the rest of your day.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes