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Book Features Gratitudes of Portland's Homeless, Provides Uncommon Holiday Perspective

A life coach who often helps others to experience more gratitude, Dave Wheitner sees room for more thankfulness in his own life. During a period of major life transition, he faces his own fears and uncertainty about money, wealth, financial security, and geographic location in an unlikely way.
Wheitner takes to Portland's streets, speaking with dozens of homeless and financially limited people. He offers each one a few dollars and an unusual request.
He asks each person to jot down 10 things for which they are grateful on a small stack of note cards.

Their responses result in the independently published book More Than a Sidewalk to Sleep On: A Wealth of Inspiring Gratitudes from Homeless & Low-Income Americans. This work shares more than 500 of their gratitudes, and more than 50 inspiring color photos that represent them.

Often uplifting, sometimes saddening, and always eye opening, the pages beg an important question: If those who have so little can express such gratitude, why do the rest of us often struggle to be thankful?

Included are ideas for using the book and gratitude to enhance one's life and relationships. More Than a Sidewalk to Sleep On provides a powerful reminder to keep each day in perspective. Readers can learn more about the book, in paperback and ebook formats, at Amazon or davewheitner.com.

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